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Delaine Moore

Therapist, Author & Libertine

Bestselling author Delaine Moore is an NLP Therapist and Mars Venus Sex & Relationships Coach, who is fascinated with all-things complicated, on the fringe, and oscillating in shades of grey. <br> <br> Her memoir-turned-movie, "The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom" (Seal Press, 2012; Lifetime Movies, 2015) chronicles her spiritual and sexual exploration during year one post-divorce, including her initiation into the world of Dominance and submission. <br> <br> In addition to her therapy and coaching practice, Delaine writes erotica fiction under the pen name, Stella Lancaster.
Raise Your Relationship From The Dead With A Very Sexy

Raise Your Relationship From The Dead With A Very Sexy Halloween

Here's a question for you ladies: when was the last time you took the time to really sexy yourself up? With Halloween just around the corner, let me remind you all -- men and women alike -- that it's the perfect occasion and excuse to ignite some fire into your confidence and/or the bedroom.
10/24/2016 04:50 EDT
American Media Is Way Too Uptight When it Comes to

American Media Is Way Too Uptight When it Comes to Sex

I'm truly astonished by how uptight the American media are around sex. Call me naïve or ill-informed if you want, but I really thought Americans were more open than Canadians. Yet my book and movie journey have surprisingly revealed quite the opposite.
05/28/2014 06:00 EDT
I Never Thought They'd Make a Movie About My

I Never Thought They'd Make a Movie About My Divorce

I just got back from Ottawa where I was on the set of a movie being made about the first year of my life post-divorce. That's right -- a <em>movie</em>. About me. Little' ol me -- just a former stay-at-home mom of three kids, whose entire world, six years ago, was so pulverized, she didn't even want to get out of bed, let alone forge a new career or identity for herself.
11/12/2013 12:14 EST
Does Signing a

Does Signing a "No-Nuptial" Stifle Commitment?

In response to my boyfriend's question about "no-nuptials" I said I'd definitely be "open" to the idea. My friend Tara said: "The biggest problem I see with no-nupts is that they draw an invisible emotional boundary between the two of you. And when it comes to creating a serious future with someone, you have to be ALL in, or redefine what you are."
05/01/2013 12:20 EDT
Should I Let a Man Be My Domestic

Should I Let a Man Be My Domestic Slave?

So I received a proposition this week from a man I met online. I'm still trying to decide if it's indecent. Is it different? Yes. Freaky? Borderline. Am I considering it? Hmmmm...kind of. This large, manly, uber sexy hunk has an unusual desire: He wants to be my domestic. That's right. Domestic. As in as in down on his hands and knees, cleaning my toilets and floors and whatever else I want him to do.
09/10/2012 12:09 EDT
I Made Out With a Married Man, and Told His

I Made Out With a Married Man, and Told His Wife

Last year I spent out eight hours with a handsome "urban cowboy" at a bar. A day and a make-out session later, I found out he was married. I told his wife what had happened. I don't know if I made the right decision, so after a year of not speaking to her, I got in contact with her, and here's what she had to say about knowing that her husband cheated on her.
06/21/2012 07:50 EDT
What Love is Like After

What Love is Like After Divorce

Somewhere during the course of my post-divorce singlehood, my "value hierarchy" changed -- and "serious relationship" was no longer at the top of my list as it had been while married. All that independence, and self-care and personal success I'd cultivated since divorcing felt threatened.
05/08/2012 05:02 EDT
Can Married Women Handle a Single Woman's

Can Married Women Handle a Single Woman's Truths?

Which parts of my book were THAT "uncomfortable" for them? Was it when I received a phone call in the middle of the night from my husband's mistress? Was it my sexual curiosity -- perhaps the fact that I learned to G-spot orgasm with a man I casually dated, or that I once attended a sex club?
04/02/2012 01:29 EDT
The Lure of BDSM and D/s: MY Shades of

The Lure of BDSM and D/s: MY Shades of Grey

A D/s relationship, in its truest form, is all about her wants, her fantasies. Some of her desires may be conscious, but others may be locked in her subconscious. The Dom's job is to build a bond so strong with her that she feels safe enough to unleash her creativity and explore her innermost self.
03/26/2012 02:00 EDT
Two Men in One

Two Men in One Weekend

Might as well write on my tombstone: "Loving mom had sex with two different men in one weekend. Devoted her life to worrying about it." Having wild sex with multiple partners after separation isn't a pair of shoes most have walked in, and promiscuity is contentious; it could be hot and juicy, yet still trigger judgement, even moral outrage.
03/14/2012 10:19 EDT

"Who Needs a GF When I Have a Maid?"

I was catching up with my friend, who I think is a catch, and asked him why he didn't have a girlfriend. He paused for a moment and then replied: "Why would I want a relationship when I have a maid and a chef? "I laughed. Surely he was joking...right? But he wasn't. He sat there stone-faced looking at me. Dead serious.
02/15/2012 05:09 EST
Would You Rather Read a Book or Have Sex?: A Poll for

Would You Rather Read a Book or Have Sex?: A Poll for Wives

I'm going to come right out and say it: I despised having sex with my husband when we were married. And I'm not saying this to suggest that he was a bad person or I was a bad person, it was just my truth. And there were many reasons contributing to my disinterest.
01/16/2012 11:35 EST
Are Single/Divorced Moms Hiding Their Sex

Are Single/Divorced Moms Hiding Their Sex Lives?

Post-divorce, I gave myself permission to explore myself, my sexuality and the dating trenches in ways I'd never imagined possible. But I also, very deliberately, kept my dating and sex life very quiet, for when it comes to sex and single motherhood, judgements can ring extra loud and venomously.
01/06/2012 01:37 EST

"I Don't Need A Man"? Please!

Over the past three years since I got divorced, it is by far THE most popular statement I've heard from women: "I don't need a man." Well today, I've had enough. I think we are not just lying to ourselves when we say it, we're spitting on men.
10/11/2011 08:10 EDT
First Date Kisses and the Hormones of a

First Date Kisses and the Hormones of a Divorcee

As a divorced woman who doesn't have an active sex life (sigh, blame it on bad luck), I'll honestly admit that if a man dared kiss me right now (and he was a good kisser), clothes would be flying off within minutes. I wouldn't have the desire to show restraint. Nothing short of the roof collapsing would stop me.
09/05/2011 08:12 EDT
What Do You Say to

What Do You Say to "I Don't Believe in Monogamy"?

What if having sex with someone other than your partner isn't just a 'lifestyle' choice? What if our culture has simply indoctrinated us with beliefs around love, commitment, attraction and sex that end up emotionally terrorizing us unnecessarily at some point, or all throughout, our lives?
08/19/2011 02:19 EDT