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'Spun Out' Review: This Show Doesn't Need A Lot Of Spin

We've seen these characters hundreds of times before: the crazy, intimidating boss, the office oddball, the normal, sarcastic guy -- but that doesn't make "Spun Out" bad or not worth watching. On the contrary, it definitely has witty, winsome moments; just not a ton of originality.
03/05/2014 04:16 EST

'Mind Games' Review: Game Over

I was looking forward to the Christian Slater/Steve Zahn series from Kyle Killen, who was also at the helm of "Lone Star" and "Awake." Unfortunately, the only thing "Mind Games" has in common with those two shows is that it's going to get cancelled.
02/25/2014 03:03 EST

Should You Watch "About A Boy"?

Jason Katims is my TV hero. He's proved how adept he is at bringing movies, like "Friday Night Lights" to the small screen, why wouldn't he see what he could do with "About a Boy"?
02/21/2014 10:50 EST

'The X Factor' Cancelled: Yes, I'm Sad About It

TV shows get cancelled all the time; it's the nature of the business. Some get pulled unexpectedly (though, in hindsight, not really), others are a long time coming. Whatever the case, for fans, it always blows.
02/10/2014 11:13 EST

'Mindy' vs. 'New Girl': Who Wins?

Two of TV's funnywomen, Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling, are currently battling for the comedy throne. Who takes top prize in this prime-time battle? It looks like Mindy's got the lead at the moment.
02/04/2014 01:35 EST

'19-2' Review: Not Your Average Cop Show

Sometimes I get screeners with more than just the premiere. When I don't like something or feel like I've just wasted 40 or so minutes of my life, the DVD is quickly ejected from my laptop and I go on with my day. That wasn't the case with "19-2."
01/28/2014 02:16 EST

'Enlisted' Review: Give This Military Show A Chance

"Enlisted" is in the same vein as "Stripes" and "Police Academy" (the first and second movies, not the crappy sequels). It follows the antics of a bunch of misfits (because, of course) of a Rear Detachment Unit in Florida.
01/06/2014 02:09 EST

'Four Rooms' On CBC: Enter At Your Own Risk

I want the CBC to do well. Really I do. But when one of its three new shows this winter is a former Food Network show that is overseen by a national grocery store chain in an effort to promote their products, it's hard to be a cheerleader, you know?
12/30/2013 11:11 EST
The CW

Is 'Nikita' Going Out With A Bang Or A Whimper?

Emotions are going to run high in the 'Nikita' series finale, but hopefully they won't get the best of Nikita. If Nikita is truly coming full circle, then we're going to see her and Alex like we did in the beginning -- as cold-blooded killers.
12/23/2013 10:07 EST

'Scandal': How Much Crazier Can It Get?

With "Scandal," so much goes on in any given episode and even though we're prepared to be shocked, I'm always surprised by how buggy my eyes get, how much more my mind is blown, and how stunned into silence I am. What do the kids say? YOLO?
12/10/2013 02:07 EST

'Almost Human' Is Almost Perfect

At first glance, "Almost Human" has a little "Total Recall"/"Blade Runner" going on. And while that might make the new Fox show seem dated, on the contrary, the futuristic cop series works because there's absolutely nothing like it on TV.
11/18/2013 03:01 EST

'Dragons' Den': The Next Generation

The student episode of "Dragons' Den" is just one of five specials this season (the others being a holiday special, the Second-Chance show, an Update episode and an all-new Canadian-themed hour). But it's the fan-favourite student special that's the one to watch.
11/11/2013 03:43 EST