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For The Love Of 'The Goodwin Fox

For The Love Of 'The Goodwin Games'

It was a year ago that I first saw a preview for The Goodwin Games. As I watched, all I could think was: "Yay, Scott Foley and Becki Newton are returning to TV!" Then -- nothing.
05/27/2013 11:05 EDT
'Nashville' Hits All The Right ABC

'Nashville' Hits All The Right Notes

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Glee and Smash and the death of the TV musical. Soon after it was published, I realized I hadn't mentioned Nashville. Then it dawned of me that that's because I don't consider it a musical; it's a drama, in the most dramatic way possible, with some music -- albeit, fantastic -- thrown in.
05/21/2013 02:33 EDT
Once Upon A Time, 'Once Upon A Time' Got Really ABC

Once Upon A Time, 'Once Upon A Time' Got Really Good

Once Upon a Time is a series that has never been must-see for me. It's the kind of show that I can have on in the background, but doesn't need total concentration as I work on stories or read through emails. But somehow, throughout the course of Season 2, this show got really, really great.
05/13/2013 10:49 EDT
Is The TV Musical Fox

Is The TV Musical Dead?

People are surprised when they hear I still watch Glee. That's right, I'm a loyal Gleek. I think if glee clubs were a thing when I was in school, I would have been breaking into show tunes in the halls, getting Slushee-ed in the face. Of course, I like to think that I would have drop-kicked the first dude to do it, but I digress.
05/06/2013 01:34 EDT
'Family Tools' Needs Some ABC

'Family Tools' Needs Some Retooling

I had high hopes for Kyle Bornheimer's latest offering, Family Tools, where he plays Jack Shea who, naturally, is as sweet and dopey as they come. The directionless Jack has a less-than-stellar work history (he's just been kicked out of seminary school), but he returns home so he can run the family repair business. Sounds all right, right? Er, not quite.
04/29/2013 11:20 EDT
What Would Ryan Lochte E

What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

If frat guy good looks, a hot swimmer's bod, and a dopey personality is your thing, then you might find Lochte's antics entertaining. The premiere episode highlighted Lochte Flag Football (a weekly occurance, we're made to believe), a Lochte House Party, the Lochte family out for a night of bowling, and a night in with Ryan's older sisters (maybe the most entertaining part of the show) as they geared up to watch his favourite movie, "What Women Want." But how there will be enough material to fill the remaining seven episodes is beyond me.
04/22/2013 09:13 EDT
Why Does ABC Want To Screw 'Happy ABC

Why Does ABC Want To Screw 'Happy Endings'?

Last April, I wrote about my love for Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23. Fast-forward a year and the Krysten Ritter/Dreama Walker/James Van Der Beek comedy is gone, pulled by ABC. So it's only fitting that I write about its former partner-in-crime.
04/08/2013 11:32 EDT
Don't Go TMN

Don't Go 'Rogue'

Rogue is the perfect name for a spy thriller -- just not this one. Well, unless the word is used in the cheating, defrauding sense, then, yeah, maybe. Because that's exactly what the show did: it made me believe it could be good, but after two episodes, not so much.
04/01/2013 11:38 EDT
Why Does CBS Hate 'Rules of CBS

Why Does CBS Hate 'Rules of Engagement'?

When I learned series stars Patrick Warburton, David Spade and Adhir Kalyan have already signed on to pilots -- contingent on whether Rules Of Engagement gets cancelled at the end of the season -- I was pissed. It seems like I get pissed every year when the networks reveal what shows will be picked up, and CBS never has Rules on its safe list.
03/25/2013 12:03 EDT
'The Next Step' Steps It Astral

'The Next Step' Steps It Up

The Next Step centres on talented young dancers of the elite A Troupe of the Next Step Dance Studio. In the first episode, we meet the main characters and there are a dozen of them, from the skilled performers to the head choreographer. But who cares about the grown-ups? It's the teenagers who are the stars.
03/11/2013 12:49 EDT
'Golden Boy' Meets Getty Images

'Golden Boy' Meets World

When I first heard that Ryan Phillippe was going to be the lead of Golden Boy, I was pretty pumped. His return to TV could've been great, but since he bailed, Golden Boy seemed to lack a certain lustre. Boy, was I wrong.
02/25/2013 02:17 EST
Back To Body Of Proof For Season ABC

Back To <i>Body Of Proof</i> For Season 3

Since Parenthood already wrapped Season 4 last month and Good Wife now airs on Sundays, I no longer have an excuse to keep Body of Proof out of my Tuesday night lineup. But, boy, oh boy, has a lot changed since I last tuned in.
02/18/2013 12:04 EST
Beyoncé's HBO Documentary: Next Stop, World HBO

Beyoncé's HBO Documentary: Next Stop, World Domination

It's been a week since Beyoncé stomped around the Super Bowl.The hair-whipping, the stomping, the wind machines, the python-and-iguana bodysuit, and the faces ... oh, the faces. Now Queen Bey has directed an HBO documentary about herself (natch), and it's everything you could ever want.
02/11/2013 01:10 EST
'Monday Mornings' Not Quite What I Bravo

'Monday Mornings' Not Quite What I Expected

I'm one of 14 people who still watch Grey's Anatomy, so when I popped in the first episode of Monday Mornings, the new series from David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal), I was half-expecting the drama and romance that too often come along with shows like that these days. Instead, I was surprised to see that this was all medical.
02/04/2013 02:20 EST
'The Americans' Reminds Me Of FX

'The Americans' Reminds Me Of 'Alias'

It's almost a given that The Americans would be compared to Homeland, but for me, FX's new series is reminiscent of another spy show I couldn't get enough of: Alias (albeit way, way darker).
01/30/2013 11:39 EST
'Dallas' Season 2': The Worst Casting TNT

'Dallas' Season 2': The Worst Casting Ever?

I've been a fan of Judith Light long before Tony Danza was hollering "Angela!" around the Bower household, but her new role on Dallas is just a little too far-fetched for me to believe.
01/28/2013 12:02 EST