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I Watched 'The Carrie Diaries,' And I Loved It

I started to watch 'The Carrie Diaries' with the lowest of low expectations. This whole prequel thing sounded like something that made a 'Gossip Girl' spinoff seem like a clever idea; but to my surprise, the show was actually highly entertaining.
01/14/2013 02:33 EST

The Five Most Annoying TV Characters Of 2012

My resolution for the new year should be to watch less TV, because let's face it -- I watch a lot of TV. But since I love it and it's kind of my job, I'd rather just complain about the characters I don't like on some of my can't-miss shows.
12/24/2012 10:41 EST

2012's Most Odd Yet Wonderful TV Duos

As 'The X Factor' comes to an end this week, I wonder what will become of the show in its third season. Even though Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato bicker like a petulant teenager and irksome uncle, I quite like their relationship. I never thought they would share much chemistry, but the 'X Factor' duo has been delightful to watch, which made me think of other pairs on other shows that have been a surprising treat.
12/17/2012 12:04 EST

'Flashpoint' Goes Out With a Bang

Well, you have to give it to the cast and crew of 'Flashpoint' -- they saved the best for last. 'Keep the Peace: Part 1' was already enough to blow our minds, but the intensity, drama and emotion in the second part -- the series' 75th episode -- is cranked up a couple dozen more notches.
12/10/2012 03:12 EST

Now What, 'The Walking Dead'?

Holy. Crap. The last 'The Walking Dead' episode didn't exactly begin how I wanted it to, but the ending was exactly how its winter finale should've been. I mean, honestly. Where to begin?!
12/03/2012 11:38 EST

A Touch Of 'Scandal' Is All You Need

There are some TV shows that I can't do anything but watch. While there are some I can have on while I pay my bills/send emails/play Fruit Ninja, there are others that require my undivided attention. You know what I mean. One of those shows is 'Scandal.'
11/26/2012 02:53 EST

It's Only a Matter of Time For 'Revolution'

I had such high hopes for 'Revolution.' Remember that moment, in the pilot, when we first saw the lights go out? It was eerie and suspenseful and awesome. Then -- bam! Or, should I say -- yawn.
11/19/2012 11:26 EST