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Denise Brunsdon

Denise Brunsdon is a social media associate...

Denise Brunsdon is a writer and social media consultant. She is currently pursuing her JD/MBA at Western University, and is President of Western's Gender and the Law Association. She is also a volunteer with Sexual Assault Centre London.
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You Don't Need to Act Like a Lawyer in the Court of Public Opinion

"Innocent until proven guilty" is a criminal law concept used in conjunction with the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard to guarantee an important legal doctrine: it's better for guilty people to go free than infringe the liberty of the innocent. This high threshold isn't used in civil action, where judges decide guilt on the balance of probabilities standard. And it certainly isn't required in Facebook or any public forum of debate. There may be two different accounts of the same incident; that's OK. Trust me when I say, there is no need to Columbo such a situation.
11/05/2014 05:50 EST

Lean In Until You Fall Over, Ladies -- You Still Won't Find Gender Balance

The Lean In zeitgeist says individual women can take personal responsibility for failure and act to achieve success. Meanwhile, recent research says there is an unconscious bias in corporate Canada that prevents equally qualified women from attaining the same level of success as men. The Lean In school is decidedly wrong. In short, both men and women need to lean in to create equity in business. It's the only way to achieve balance.
12/27/2013 12:28 EST

What Election Losers Can Do With Twitter

Elections are a fabulous time to build up a strong online reputation so regardless of whether or not you have plans to run again in future, we recommend taking advantage of this new network to develop an online reputation that helps you drive whatever future cause or agenda you may have.
10/29/2011 08:22 EDT