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Derrick Forsythe

Dad & Husband, Community Leader, Volunteer.

Dad & Husband, Community Leader, Volunteer, Army Reservist, Golfer, Friendly Neighbour, Passionate about Great Communities, Ward 6 City Council Candidate

Derrick Forsythe: Experience - the Right Mix for Edmonton's Diverse Ward 6

The easiest job in the world is to sit back and chuck bricks... It's a line - albeit a saltier version - that I first heard as a teenager back in New Brunswick. It was at a golf course. My friend's dad was the Club President and was talking with a friend of his at the end of a meeting in which the membership was attempting to keep the course afloat. The meeting has been a little raucous and he was discussing some peoples' dissenting comments with a close friend of his.
10/17/2013 06:05 EDT