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Desiree Nielsen BSc RD

Registered dietitian, author of Un-Junk Your Diet

Desiree is a registered dietitian, author of Un-Junk Your Diet and co-founder of an app for digestive health called My Healthy Gut. She runs a nutrition consulting practice with a focus on inflammation, digestion and plant-centred diets in Vancouver.

With education at the core of her work, Desiree consults, writes and speaks on a wide variety of topics – from gut health and inflammation to eating for a healthier body and mind. Desiree is a regular contributor to local and national media, including regular spots on Global BC News, Breakfast Television (Vancouver), AM1150 Kelowna and Vista Magazine. She also makes appearances in Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Best Health, Oxygen, Closer, CHCH Morning Live, Canada AM, The Balancing Act on Lifetime,, CBC Radio, Zoomer Radio, CKNW, Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun.

Desiree believes that eating well isn’t just about nutrients…the foods we choose to eat can either break our bodies down over time or nourish our cells and restore our health and vitality. Healthy eating should be delicious, simple and fun. No deprivation, no guilt, no garbage.
The Beginner's Guide To Packing Nut-Free KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

The Beginner's Guide To Packing Nut-Free Lunches

If you are new to packing nut free lunches, it can be a challenge. PB & J is one of the most reliable kid foods in existence; what do you do when your star player has been benched? As a vegetarian mom, it took me a while to wrap my head around packing a nutrient-dense lunch without the nuts. With a bit of planning, however, you can find great foods that your kids love to eat.
09/20/2016 11:34 EDT