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Development Unplugged provides a platform for cutting-edge thinking and debate on global issues and international development. Curated by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC), this blog serves as a virtual space where practitioners, researchers, and academics can share commentary and reflections on the challenges of our time.
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10 Reasons Trudeau Could Increase Canadian Aid In 2017

As we approach budget day and speculate about how the government will address the many priorities, commitments and demands they face, we in the international development sector have been working together to build a solid case for why Budget 2017 needs to include a substantive increase in international assistance.
02/07/2017 02:27 EST
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A Quiet Siege In South Sudan

The Equatorian region had been regarded as the green belt of South Sudan. That's a big deal for a country teetering on the brink of a food crisis since its inception. Its staple crops such as sorghum and maize have helped local farmers earn a meagre living, helped by the fact that the area is home to major trading routes between Juba and neighbouring countries of Uganda and Kenya.
12/22/2016 08:36 EST
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Using Digital Tech To Improve Life For Refugees

There is no one-size-fits all system to improve health. This is true for everyone -- and especially for refugee populations living in fragile and humanitarian contexts, where the right to health is far from guaranteed. Recognizing this, e-Sahha was designed not only to improve the timeliness and outreach of health monitoring, but also to gather feedback from pregnant women and other users about the perceived and actual quality of care they received.
12/20/2016 08:10 EST

Rebuilding Haiti Through Citizen Engagement And Human Rights Education

The Citizenship Engagement Program in Haiti, developed in the context of post-earthquake reconstruction, provides Haitian citizens with the toolkit and pedagogical tools "JE m'engage, ensemble NOUS bâtissons" (I commit, together WE build) to facilitate co-operation within communities, with the common goal of economic, social and cultural development based on human rights.
12/09/2016 03:47 EST
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Volunteerism Is Essential For Achieving The Global Goals

Volunteering gives global citizens a tangible way to contribute to education, health, governance, sustainable livelihoods, security and peace, environment, gender equality and social inclusion. It provides opportunities for everyone to play an active and meaningful part in the international effort to reduce poverty and inequality.
12/05/2016 08:04 EST
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Effective Development Requires Civil Society

This week, the international development community is gathering in Nairobi for the Second High Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC). The goal of these meetings is to build a better global framework for more effective development.
12/01/2016 04:36 EST

Canadian Doctors Seek To Improve Emergency Health Care In Ethiopia

As an emergency physician in Toronto, Canada's largest city, I am privileged to have access to the latest research evidence, medical tools and technology. I also have access to a network of professional colleagues who I can call on for advice and assistance. Imagine how challenging it must be in low-income countries where healthcare resources are scarce and trained health professionals are in short supply.
11/21/2016 05:11 EST
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Bridging The Humanitarian-Development Divide In The Health Sector

Over 2 billion people, and a growing share of the world's poor, live in the 35 countries considered fragile or conflict states in 2016. And whether we are talking about pandemics, war, or prolonged occupation, these conditions devastate health systems and have lasting impacts on the physical and mental health of affected populations.
11/08/2016 03:59 EST

Achieve Real Gender Equality For Adolescent Health

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are a cornerstone of adolescents' transition to adulthood, yet limited access to sexual and reproductive health services is preventing women and girls from leading safe, healthy, and dignified lives.
11/03/2016 01:08 EDT
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How An Impatient Doctor Got Passionate About Health Systems

While I am a doctor with a strong inner-surgeon-voice, my years working and living in countries in Africa and in urban and rural Canada convinced me long ago that we need to pay attention not just to vaccines and drugs, not even just to health care and health services, but to the ideas, money, conflicts, and energy behind what we see.
11/01/2016 03:51 EDT
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Syrian Refugees: Shifting From Crisis Response To Opportunity

Now that Syrian newcomers have arrived safely in Canada, they can start building their new lives. As the focus shifts from managing the large number of arrivals to integrating families, particularly youth, we see a critical need for more collaboration, research, and knowledge sharing of best practices in Canada and around the world.
10/25/2016 03:10 EDT