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Development Unplugged provides a platform for cutting-edge thinking and debate on global issues and international development. Curated by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC), this blog serves as a virtual space where practitioners, researchers, and academics can share commentary and reflections on the challenges of our time.
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How Policy Coherence Helps The SDG Wheels Turn

Now is the time to make sure that the right policies and processes are in place to guide sustainable development according to the timeline that the 2030 Agenda requires -- there can be no time for confusion or delay. As UN General Assembly President Peter Thomson observed, implementation of the SDGs is now in the hands of policy-makers.
09/20/2016 03:44 EDT
Plan International Canada

Creativity Is Key To Ending HIV In El Salvador

What does it mean to reach vulnerable populations? How do we locate them, let alone create programs that will help them to access health care? National statistics tell us that among El Salvador's general population, an estimated 0.5 per cent of people have HIV, consistent with other countries in the region.
09/13/2016 03:35 EDT
Kelly Di Domenico

The World Social Forum : A Giant Tapestry For Social Justice

Many pieces are needed to build global justice. First there are the issues themselves: human rights; democracy; gender equality; respect of Indigenous rights; climate and mining justice; peace, and so much more. Then there is the research, analysis, actions and mobilization required to make change happen. And finally of course, the people themselves who tirelessly make it all happen.
09/02/2016 04:23 EDT
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How Canada Can Become A Leader In Global Development Cooperation

Canada has a strong record of contributing to global peace and prosperity. Canada's international development and humanitarian actions have for decades allowed it to play a proactive and positive role on the world stage. But in order to ensure sustainable development in a quickly changing landscape, both domestically and internationally, we must do things differently.
08/18/2016 01:49 EDT
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Canada's Humanitarian Action Must Be Feminist And Principled

Global humanitarian need is on the rise. The UN estimates that 125 million people need humanitarian relief and more than 60 million people are displaced from their homes. The Government of Canada's international assistance review could not have come at a more critical time. Disasters do not discriminate, but ultimately due to structural gender inequalities kill more women than men, and affect women's livelihoods hardest. Sixty per cent of all maternal deaths take place in humanitarian settings and all forms of gender based violence against women and girls spike during disasters and conflict.
08/09/2016 01:23 EDT

How Canada Should Support Low-carbon Growth Abroad

At last year's Paris climate change agreement, all countries committed to help adapt to climate change and reduce emissions. Canada's official development assistance (ODA) now needs to focus on realizing these commitments. Ensuring maximum impact will require attending to areas where need is greatest and where Canada has particular expertise.
07/22/2016 11:09 EDT