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Devon Peart

Registered dietitian

Devon Peart is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Community Nutrition from the University of Toronto. <br> <br> A Dietitian Consultant, Devon is currently a Project Lead at Nutrition Resource Centre, Toronto, and part-time Professor in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College. She is also a consultant with <em>Nourishing School Communities</em>, a multi-agency initiative led by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. <br> <br> Previously, Devon worked for seven years for the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check Restaurant Program, first as Business Development Manager, and then as Ontario Program Manager. <br> <br> Devon is Co-Chair of the Durham Region Registered Dietitians Action Group, a Local Action Group of the Dietitians of Canada, and a regular contributor to Restaurant Central online magazine. Devon is active on Twitter: follow her @DevonP_RD
Eat Your Veggies, Off the

Eat Your Veggies, Off the Grill

From a nutrition standpoint, grilling is a great way to prepare foods because it uses very little fat except to add flavour, in limited amounts, if you choose. Also you don't lose nutrients in the cooking water as you do when you boil vegetables, which is the go-to vegetable prep method for a lot of people.
06/25/2015 12:46 EDT
Kick Your Trusty Sandwich Up a

Kick Your Trusty Sandwich Up a Notch

There are lots and lots of wonderful alternatives for lunch. But somehow, for me and my children, it always comes back to the sandwich. Call it comfort, tradition, an old stand-by. True, sandwiches can be vessels of hidden sodium and fat. Yet with the right ingredients, they can also be packed with flavour <em>and</em> nutrition!
10/08/2014 05:47 EDT
Do You Know About the New Nutrition Labels Coming To a Store Near

Do You Know About the New Nutrition Labels Coming To a Store Near You?

Potassium and vitamin D are two nutrients that many Canadians are not getting enough of. Potassium is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and vitamin D helps in the maintenance of strong bones. The new guidelines would require the amount of vitamin D and potassium to be stated on the NFT.
08/04/2014 11:58 EDT
Don't Let Cupid Shoot an Arrow Through Your Healthy

Don't Let Cupid Shoot an Arrow Through Your Healthy Lifestyle

So you're going along quite well, thank you very much. Sticking to your new year, new attitude! And then along comes Cupid to shoot an arrow right in the heart of your healthy living plan. With a little creativity, you can come up with lots of fun ways to celebrate that won't sabotage your quest for healthy living.
02/14/2014 08:16 EST
Oils and Fats: The Big Fat

Oils and Fats: The Big Fat Truth

Fats are on the forefront of our minds everyday. As new studies crop up, the choices can seem all the more confusing. But here's the skinny on fats as it stands today. Not all fat is bad. In fact, including fat in the diet is necessary for healthy functioning.
10/01/2013 08:04 EDT