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Diana Yazidjian

Founder, DFY Consulting

Diana Yazidjian has over 20 years experience in the business community acting in both an entrepreneurial and partnership capacity. She launched her first venture in 1998, consulting for service companies and she was among the first to join the Internet bubble in Montreal. She later joined Orange-France Telecom in France where she wore many hats as leading the transformation toward a customer-centric organization and overseeing the development of more than twenty technology innovations. Diana also taught Communications at Concordia University and l’Ecole des sciences de la gestion.

Diana has developed significant business expertise and guided organizations to great successes. In December 2011, Diana launched DFY Consulting (form. Yazziness), a service company to SMEs, start-ups and associations with the mission of bettering their customer service as well as helping them communicate with empathy. She regularly provides strategic consulting to entrepreneurs, the large enterprise and regional municipalities. As an active member in Montreal’s start-up community, she provides training to Fondation Montreal entrepreneurs, speaks at marketing and corporate events and guest blogs on different platforms such as HuffingtonPost, Infopresse and Linkedin Pulse.

“Thanks to social networks, transparency and empathy are becoming key metrics of a healthy organisation. Entrepreneurs and business owners will be expected to disclose information about their company more than ever, and to show genuine interest in their customers’ lives. Something the large enterprise will have to come to grips with.”
Equity Crowdfunding Upfront Costs : No Laughing

Equity Crowdfunding Upfront Costs : No Laughing Matter

Adoption of Equity Crowdfunding for ordinary investors may come sooner than we think; first in the U.S. and not far behind, Quebec and Ontario. We thought the time was well-chosen to outline the costs a Canadian company may incur given the possible regulatory framework that will come into force.
03/13/2014 03:54 EDT
Equity Crowdfunding and Transparency Go Hand in

Equity Crowdfunding and Transparency Go Hand in Hand

Whether the business is seeking donations or shares, the principle of transparency remains. You must put yourself in the client's shoes, i.e. the potential investors. What would they want to know about your company that will allow them to make a decision? Human beings have to take the responsibility of the decisions they make.
11/06/2013 05:31 EST