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Diane Weber Bederman

Chaplain:Religion is an affair of the mind and heart.

Diane Weber Bederman is a multi-faith endorsed, hospital- trained chaplain. She took her course in clinical pastoral education at the Toronto General Hospital in association with The Toronto Institute for Pastoral Education, Toronto School of Theology. She graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and from York University, Glendon Campus with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies concentration in human behaviour. <br> She writes about religion in the public square and mental illness on her <a href="" rel="nofollow"> blog</a>:The Middle Ground:The Agora of the 21st Century. She is a regular contributor to <a href="" rel="nofollow">Convivium:</a>Faith in our Community <br> Read her <a href="" rel="nofollow">WEB-BOOK</a>: Words that Bear fruit:teaching the mind, touching the soul. <br> Follow me on twitter@DianeBederman
This Mother's Day, Think of the

This Mother's Day, Think of the Kids

Mother's day is around the corner. For too many children whose families are restructuring all they want for the day to be happy is their father. They want their dream back. They want to be able to love both parents equally without guilt. We owe it to our children to put their rights, their best interests first.
05/08/2014 09:10 EDT
Obama and Kerry Are Going Too Far To Prove We Are Tolerant and

Obama and Kerry Are Going Too Far To Prove We Are Tolerant and Inclusive

This ethic came under attack in the 20th century when Frans Boaz and Bertrand Russell introduced moral and cultural relativism. Boaz wrote there were no inferior or superior cultures, that all were equal and couldn't be ordered in an evolutionary scale. Russell believed the survival of democracy required tolerance and understanding of others.
04/03/2014 05:23 EDT
Shaming Criminals Could Reduce

Shaming Criminals Could Reduce Crime

Whatever happened to shame? It got put out away in a basket, somewhere in a very deep drawer, covered with other obsolete items, like religion. Do you think that other gang members would want to end up in the pillories, too? Would they want to emulate someone who has been shamed in public, ridiculed, too?
03/25/2014 12:29 EDT
The Only Shame in Mental Illness Is the Shameful Lack of

The Only Shame in Mental Illness Is the Shameful Lack of Understanding

The mentally ill are too often feared and disparaged. There is an inability to believe that medication, proper supervision and some love can keep mentally ill people stable -- able to not only make it in this world, but contribute. I have read on Facebook that people want nothing but revenge against the Vince Li's of the world. Yes, I understand it's scary. But that's emotion speaking. Not facts on the ground.
03/14/2014 09:35 EDT
The One Thing Atheists and Fundamentalists Have in

The One Thing Atheists and Fundamentalists Have in Common

I'm adamantly opposed to proselytizing. There are 91 different names for God in the Bible. I take that to mean that there are multiple ways of thinking of God, of connecting to His teachings. Different paths, same destination. With the advent of the Internet we've been given the gift of information at our fingertips. Telling another or even suggesting that their way of believing is wrong is to attack their identity, their very essence. There's another group who proselytize whom I find just as objectionable: Atheists. From the New Atheists to Militant Atheists.
03/04/2014 12:35 EST
Shame on the West for Ignoring Mass

Shame on the West for Ignoring Mass Murder

What have you heard about Burma, Tibet, Northern Cyprus? Even less than Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. Don't look. Pretend it's not happening-or pretend that efforts at peace will work-if we just give it enough time. Rwanda took more than 100 days. The Jewish people waited five years. Syria has been in conflagration for three years. Talk. Talk. Talk. Well maybe there will be talk. But then who's listening. The media? There is a certain presence of an absence in far too many hot spots.
02/25/2014 08:33 EST
A Question of

A Question of Evil

Apropos of no particular reason, I decided to write about evil. Not that it's difficult to find. No deep-throat type of investigation
02/18/2014 04:54 EST
Why We Should Judge a Country On its Attitude Towards

Why We Should Judge a Country On its Attitude Towards Homosexuals

Are you aware that it's illegal to be homosexual in 78 countries? Israel is one of the most progressive states regarding the rights of gays and lesbians in the West. It is the only country in the area -- the Middle East and North Africa -- that treats the gay community with respect and dignity. But that's not good enough for some gay-rights activists.
02/12/2014 12:29 EST
Use This Valentine's Day To Plant Trees, Not Destroy

Use This Valentine's Day To Plant Trees, Not Destroy Them

Hallmark Canada estimated Canadians would buy 10 to 12 million Valentine's Day cards in 2013. That's about $27 to $29-million- on cards. Think of the trees that are cut down for those cards. Instead of destroying trees, why not plant them as a permanent marker of your love for them and love of the land?
02/05/2014 12:50 EST
Why We Should Commemorate the Liberation of

Why We Should Commemorate the Liberation of Auschwitz

We have become inured to anti-Semitism. It passes the lips and enters the ears without shock. We don't name and shame anti-Jewish hatred. Ryan Bellerose is a Métis. It didn't matter. The man who accosted him thought him a Jew. Knew nothing about him and suggested it was sad he existed. This is anti-Semitism.
01/27/2014 01:03 EST
What Rosie DiManno Gets Wrong About Mental

What Rosie DiManno Gets Wrong About Mental Illness

The word "mental" conjures fearful images; the "crazed" ax murderer, the "psycho" who stalks people and then stabs them repeatedly, the young man who takes a gun and sprays a stream of bullets in a room full of young children. Mental illness drags behind it a heavy bag of ignorance and confusion that has led to the stigma of shame and prejudice for those of us with the illness as well as our families, and continues to promote fear in the public square. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who abuse the mentally ill and use our illness as a means to play on people's fear. Rosie DiManno, a columnist I respect, has fallen into that category.
01/25/2014 08:22 EST
Do You Suffer From Mental Illness? Turning To Religion May

Do You Suffer From Mental Illness? Turning To Religion May Help

Let's make use of our churches in providing care for the mentally ill. Churches have been a refuge for hundreds of years. For many of us, places of worship are perfect for assisting in the care of the mentally ill because sometimes all one needs is someone to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a cup of tea, or a quiet place. Spiritual care is available to all, rich or poor, religious or not. And the infrastructure is already in place.
01/21/2014 12:13 EST
Palestine Needs a Story of its

Palestine Needs a Story of its Own

Nations have a narrative that explains their culture, their common shared experiences, beliefs, rituals, symbols and stories. Now the Palestinian people want a defined border for their nation. But, in my opinion, they don't seem to have a story, a narrative specific to them. They have been seconding the stories of others in an attempt to make one of their own.
01/15/2014 05:49 EST
Israel: Western Imperialism Favours

Israel: Western Imperialism Favours Democracy

Is there something wrong with Zionism? Has it been declared verboten? Is he suggesting that Zionism is racism? These organizations talk about bringing peace to the conflicts in the Middle East. No, wait, I must amend that. They are only interested in the conflict regarding Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state amidst multiple Muslim states particularly with regards to the Palestinians.
01/09/2014 05:11 EST
The Idea of Trickle-Up

The Idea of Trickle-Up Ethics

Rabbi Hillel, a native of Babylonia who moved to Jerusalem in the time of Herod wrote: "If I am not for myself, then who
12/30/2013 04:11 EST
Don't Let Roger Waters Get Away With What He

Don't Let Roger Waters Get Away With What He Said

<em>National Post</em> columnist Dave Bidini failed his son as a parent when he didn't address his son's questions about Roger Waters' comments comparing Israeli Soldiers to Nazis. Moving beyond the gushing star-struck comments he made about Waters through the lips of his son, Bidini's love of Roger Water's music has blinded him to Roger Waters, the man.
12/23/2013 05:29 EST