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Diane Francis

Editor-at-Large, The National Post

Diane Francis is the Editor-at-Large at the National Post, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC in the Eurasia Section, Adjunct Faculty at Singularity University in Mountain View California, a Distinguished Professor at Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management and a Director of Lake Shore Gold. She is one of the world’s leading business writers and keynote speakers on the trends and geopolitics that transform companies, individuals, governments and societies around the world.

Diane has written nine books on white collar crime, politics, immigration, economics, geopolitics and finance, including the bestseller, Who Owns Canada Now: Old Money, New Money and the Future of Canadian Business. Diane is a regular guest on Canadian and U.S. news television and radio and was a columnist for Maclean’s Magazine, New York Sun, the Financial Post and Toronto Sun Newspapers. She was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy and has been a Media Fellow for the World Economic Forum for 20 years.

Diane divides her time between Toronto and New York City.

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Why Airbnb Should Be Banned Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

Why Airbnb Should Be Banned Immediately

Airbnb might inadvertently fix you up in a unit that's owned or rented by a violent person with a key to the place. Horror stories are starting to appear. Last spring, one hapless New Yorker rented out his place and was evicted immediately when the landlord found out what he'd done. Another woman rented out her place and returned to find condoms and diaper wipes; her "guest" was a prostitute. Still another came back to a trashed apartment where an orgy had been staged.
11/24/2014 12:45 EST
Scotland's Referendum Smashed the Status Quo in the Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Scotland's Referendum Smashed the Status Quo in the U.K.

Scotland rejected independence on Friday in a referendum that left the centuries-old United Kingdom intact but paved the way for a major transfer of powers away from London. The Scottish referendum has smashed the status quo in the U.K. and is the most recent, high profile, non-violent example of the rise of the consumer-citizen.
09/22/2014 12:16 EDT
Oil By Rail Is In Desperate Need of Getty

Oil By Rail Is In Desperate Need of Clean-Up

Railways are transforming North America's energy sector and are, coincidentally, helping to save Canada's bacon. But the train business has been allowed to remain a 19th-century technology run with 19th-century mentality by workers without credentials. Aviation, by contrast, is heavily supervised and operated by licensed personnel with professional expertise and constant surveillance. For the moment, the critically important oil industry has been saved, but if governments aren't as tough as nails in their demands and dealings with the railways, then all bets are off.
08/25/2014 12:14 EDT
How To Launder Money Like a Chinese Michaela Begsteiger via Getty Images

How To Launder Money Like a Chinese Billionaire

In China, crooks don't have to go to the casino because intermediaries called "junkets" will swap Yuan for gambling chips that can be cashed into Hong Kong or Macao currency at the casino then wired by Hong Kong banks to tax havens or accomplices offshore. The goal is to buy a condo or luxury goods with funds from a trust managed by a shell company in Grand Cayman, owned by another trust in Guernsey with an account in Luxembourg managed by a Swiss banker who doesn't know who the owner is.
08/11/2014 12:40 EDT
Putin Isn't Crazy, He's ALEXEI NIKOLSKY via Getty Images

Putin Isn't Crazy, He's Ruthless

The facts are that Putin is not erratic or crazy, but is rational and predictable. He knows the West is divided and he is executing his plan like the KGB officer that he is. He wants total control over Europe's gas markets, and accompanying influence, and has done, and will do, whatever it takes to achieve this.
07/29/2014 01:23 EDT
Mending the Capitalist Getty

Mending the Capitalist Model

The reality is that capitalism and globalization have given Western consumers cheap goods and helped emerging economies grow, but that's usually done through the exploitation of workers and the environment. But Oliver Niedermaier has come up with a "capitalist solution for a capitalist failure."
07/13/2014 09:35 EDT
Bankers Beware: Here Comes CP

Bankers Beware: Here Comes Disruption

Toronto's and Ontario's cash cow -- banking -- is going to face increasingly rough seas. This won't happen immediately, but a steadily downward trajectory affecting profits and employment is clear. At a recent high-level conference in New York on the future of finance, the news was great for consumers but grim for the world's bankers.
06/16/2014 08:31 EDT
The Fourth Revolution: A Good

The Fourth Revolution: A Good Read

"The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State" by Economist Editor in Chief John Micklethwaite and Economist Managing Editor Adrian Wooldridge is a well-written argument for change. T...
06/08/2014 11:45 EDT
Why Canada Has Fewer Elliot Rodgers Than the YouTube

Why Canada Has Fewer Elliot Rodgers Than the U.S.

It's time America looks up to Canada, where anyone can own a gun -- but licensing is properly managed with a process that takes weeks, requires applicants to show up in person and includes background checks and a personal safety-training course.
06/03/2014 08:15 EDT
Canada Would Be Naïve To Legalize Marijuana Before the U.S. Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Canada Would Be Naïve To Legalize Marijuana Before the U.S. Does

The problem is that Canada's relaxed interdiction and ineptitude to stop smugglers has forced the Americans to assign hundreds of border police and drones to patrol swathes of the U.S.-Canada border where the traffick(ing) is brisk. And, also unfortunately, that same smuggling "infrastructure" ships more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth and ecstasy. The RCMP says Canada is one of the world's biggest exporters of meth and ecstasy, made in labs in remote rural areas. The biggest consumers are the Americans who are slowly legalizing marijuana, but not quickly or comprehensively enough
06/01/2014 11:41 EDT
Boycott Russia's FIFA World Cup in 2018

Boycott Russia's FIFA World Cup in 2018 Movement

I stand solidly behind my friend, Eugene Melnyk (Owner of the NHL's Ottawa Senators) who's of Ukrainian heritage for his call to launch a boycott against Russia's FIFA World Cup in 2018 as well as spo...
05/28/2014 05:37 EDT
Ukraine Must Play Tough After This Week's Getty Images

Ukraine Must Play Tough After This Week's Election

If Ukraine calls Putin's bluff, Russia's stability may be shaken and certainly western Europe's indifference will be. Putin's nationalistic narrative has temporarily supplanted the protests in his own country and allowed him to impose repressive measures, but his power is fragile.
05/19/2014 02:15 EDT
America's Got its Mojo

America's Got its Mojo Back

The vibe at this week's Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles was certainly more upbeat than a few months ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The difference is that Davos is a global event and world prospects are not necessarily a great story, while the Milken confab is distinctly American and the facts are that the U.S. is back on top.
05/02/2014 06:10 EDT
Canada Outpaced America's Middle Class With Getty

Canada Outpaced America's Middle Class With Luck

Word that the United States' middle class is no longer the world's most affluent -- and that Canada is No. 1 -- stirred up the expected hysteria last week. Is the American dream dead? While the Canadian in me swells with pride, my American side need not panic. Canada's rise is more due to luck, and a couple of smart policy decisions, than to the decline of the US.
04/28/2014 12:28 EDT
Raise a Glass to Jim Flaherty's Well-Lived ASSOCIATED PRESS

Raise a Glass to Jim Flaherty's Well-Lived Life

Flaherty's family wasn't hardscrabble poor, but he had to deliver newspapers for months to earn enough to buy himself a pair of good hockey skates to make the team. It was to prove an investment that allowed him to soar to the very top of the world's political roster, skate with the best and earn many goals and assists.
04/17/2014 06:11 EDT
How the Keystone Pipeline Will Shut Putin Bloomberg via Getty Images

How the Keystone Pipeline Will Shut Putin Down

A Keystone bomb would deliver several payloads: punishment toward anti-American Venezuela; proceeds toward Canada which buys more goods and services from the U.S. than the European Union does; punishment toward Russia by casting into the markets more Venezuelan oil and replacement of Venezuelan oil with Canadian oil that is $30 a barrel cheaper.
03/31/2014 12:18 EDT