Diane Francis

Editor-at-Large, The National Post

Diane Francis is the Editor-at-Large at the National Post, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC in the Eurasia Section, Adjunct Faculty at Singularity University in Mountain View California, a Distinguished Professor at Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management and a Director of Lake Shore Gold. She is one of the world’s leading business writers and keynote speakers on the trends and geopolitics that transform companies, individuals, governments and societies around the world. <br> <br> Diane has written nine books on white collar crime, politics, immigration, economics, geopolitics and finance, including the bestseller, Who Owns Canada Now: Old Money, New Money and the Future of Canadian Business. Diane is a regular guest on Canadian and U.S. news television and radio and was a columnist for Maclean’s Magazine, New York Sun, the Financial Post and Toronto Sun Newspapers. She was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy and has been a Media Fellow for the World Economic Forum for 20 years. <br> <br> Diane divides her time between Toronto and New York City. <br> <br> Learn more about Diane at <a href="http://dianefrancis.com" rel="nofollow">dianefrancis.com</a>
When Terrorism Meets Financial

When Terrorism Meets Financial Fraud

This was the first chilling example as to how cyber terrorism could bring down the financial system, or specific institutions or persons. Obviously, new safeguards must be put in place by legitimate media brands, regulators, new media outlets like Twitter, markets, corporations and governments.
04/26/2013 06:08 EDT
What Margaret Thatcher Could Teach Women in the

What Margaret Thatcher Could Teach Women in the Workplace

Feminism is about equality and choices. And the unfortunate facts are that women who want to be successful must decide whether to have a family if they are ambitious and, if they do, how to juggle both. Both Thatcher and Merkel had husbands who encouraged and supported them.
04/22/2013 05:38 EDT
On Bitcoin, the Tulip Mania and Stock Market

On Bitcoin, the Tulip Mania and Stock Market Booms

Bubbles occur all the time, along with financial inventions. The most recent, and controversial, launched in 2009: A virtual currency called Bitcoin that enabled holders to trade directly and to hide their assets from governments.
04/12/2013 05:13 EDT
Why Are We Letting Tax Cheats Rob

Why Are We Letting Tax Cheats Rob Canada?

This latest scandal claims there are 450 Canadians who may be hiding money offshore. The only solution is to impose sanctions and travel restrictions on dirty money havens and to pursue, as ruthlessly as the IRS does, deposits belonging to corrupt dictators, drug cartels or tax deadbeats.
04/05/2013 10:58 EDT
The Next Media

The Next Media Gamechanger

The biggest heist in history was when newspapers and magazines allowed Google to "crawl" their content to readers, to pay nothing and to sell ads around their stories. Google became, in other words, the ubiquitous newspaper right under the noses of proprietors who should have charged.
04/01/2013 11:12 EDT
Why Cyprus Is Not Your Typical Bailout

Why Cyprus Is Not Your Typical Bailout Story

So the Cyprus story is more than just another profligate nation begging for help. This mess may force the unification of this island, and tapping of its resources, at long last for the betterment of all its citizens. It may stop the takeover of a nation inside the EU by Russian bad guys.
03/24/2013 11:02 EDT
Popes and Politicians Alike Need a Hand These

Popes and Politicians Alike Need a Hand These Days

Immediately after Pope Francis became the leader of the world's 1.2-billion Catholics this week, he prayed for guidance. And it's little wonder. He is the newly elected CEO of the Vatican. The United States, despite a currency mantra of "In God We Trust," has also been forced to undergo serious soul-searching following its 2008 fiscal catastrophe.
03/18/2013 12:09 EDT
How Women Grow the

How Women Grow the Economy

Any economy, culture or enterprise that denies females equal education and opportunities taps only half of its collective IQ. This is a truism, but is ignored by too many regimes, religions and organizations of all kinds. Here's how the economic importance of gender meritocracy was explained to me 20 years ago.
03/10/2013 10:21 EDT
Alberta's Real Economic

Alberta's Real Economic Advantage

Albertans are unique because they don't occupy a parallel universe, living on other peoples' money. They live in the real world and the province's current fiscal deficit has sparked intelligent conversation.
03/04/2013 12:23 EST
Canada's Biggest Problem Could Be

Canada's Biggest Problem Could Be "Extractive Elites"

Debates about debt are noisy and nasty and extend across the developed world. Squeaky wheels get the oil, or escape cuts to their spending, but the solution is unaddressed and improperly framed. The issue is about "extractive elites" -- who they are and what to do about them.
02/24/2013 11:09 EST
The 8 Reasons America Should Embrace Canada's

The 8 Reasons America Should Embrace Canada's Crude

I told an audience of oil tycoons eight years ago that their country's best bet would have been to invest $250 billion to develop the oil sands and back out all foreign oil imports. "For $250 billion, you'd have acquired all the oil you need, you wouldn't have had to invade Iraq and nobody would have died."
02/16/2013 10:50 EST
How the Senate Became Canada's National

How the Senate Became Canada's National Joke

Canada's sleepy and dysfunctional "board of directors/content providers", aka its Senate, thrives without justification and without an audience. Its shareholders, and CEO Stephen Harper, disdain the place and yet it continues. The best course of action is for our Prime Minister to become the political equivalent of a hedge fund manager. His job is to enhance shareholder value and there's no better course of action than to ignore threats of litigation by Quebec, stop the losses to reputation and treasure and shut this national embarrassment down immediately.
02/11/2013 12:57 EST
Clay Christensen Explains the Capitalist's

Clay Christensen Explains the Capitalist's Dilemma

Last week in Davos, author and Harvard professor Clay Christensen expanded his theory of the "innovator's dilemma" to include macro-economics and markets. He calls it the "capitalist's dilemma" and said that the relatively jobless economic recovery in the U.S. and elsewhere is the new normal.
02/04/2013 11:56 EST
The Depardieu Saga Is

The Depardieu Saga Is Oscar-Worthy

I've always enjoyed Gérard Depardieu as an actor, but his most recent role, as an international tax dodger, is pure Academy Award quality. For those unaware of his theatrics, Depardieu left France last month in a huff over its proposed 75% income taxes on rich people. This is ironic: His surname in French sounds like it could mean "departure of God" in English.
01/14/2013 05:21 EST
Canada Take Note: America's Tax System Is Messy But

Canada Take Note: America's Tax System Is Messy But Good

Of course, the U.S. is not a paragon of virtue and has gotten itself into a big fiscal mess, due to panic over 9/11, the 2008 debacle and unjustifiable tax cuts and wars paid for with a national credit card. But this week, after two years of haggling, illustrated that a system of checks and balances eventually imposes discipline by forcing the public and politicians to engage fully in financial decisions.
01/04/2013 05:24 EST
Why Robots Should Run Our Finances in

Why Robots Should Run Our Finances in 2013

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich announced that the world's first "humanoid" robot will be "born" in March. It's an incredible achievement, but overshadowed by the fact that "Roboys" are not yet running our governments, programmed for fiscal responsibility in order to fix our finances.
12/31/2012 12:27 EST
Fiscal Cliff? More Like Cold

Fiscal Cliff? More Like Cold Shower

America's day of fiscal reckoning has been postponed because of the rise of the Tea Party anti-state movement. Fiscal "cliff" is the wrong metaphor. What's about to happen is not the end of the world, as falling off a cliff would imply. A better metaphor is America is about to head into a "fiscal cold shower."
12/23/2012 11:34 EST
The Nexen Deal Is Only the

The Nexen Deal Is Only the Beginning

After the Nexen deal was approved, Prime Minister Stephen Harper framed this as the "end of a trend" not the "beginning" of a buyout frenzy by more sovereign-owned enterprises (SOEs). But this is not the end. This is the beginning of the beginning. Phone calls are already being made to launch new buyouts by foreigners here.
12/18/2012 05:42 EST