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Dianne Lawrence

Publisher/Editor, The Neighborhood News

Dianne V. Lawrence is Publisher/Editor of The Neighborhood News, a community magazine distributed in the Mid-City, West Adams neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Started in August 2008 with a circulation of 1,500, the News is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary with a circulation of 14,000 and staff of four. The website is

A painter, singer, teacher, animal activist and writer some of her accomplishments include:

An award winning album cover portrait of Leonard Cohen (Recent Songs) and the creation of his hummingbird logo
A series of blues portraits that now hang in various House of Blues clubs around the country and paintings that have been collected by Leonard Cohen, Dan Akroyd, Kim Cattral, Oliver Stone, Buck Henry and Jackson Brown
An arts instructor in prisons, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Art Center School of Design in Pasadena and Esalen Institute in Big Sur
Creating and singing in an early jazz band called Storm Taylor and Her Ex-Husbands which performed in clubs around Los Angeles like the Baked Potato, Gardenia, Luna Park, Lunaria, Vintage Hollywood Publication of a short story called “Let’s Get Lost” in the LA Weekly
Film reviews for
Associate Editor at Realtalk LA (defunct after first issue)
Wrote and illustrated “Puck Goes To Heaven” about a dogs life after life. Available on Amazon in mid-June
and the lead in changing a law in Los Angeles making it illegal to tie dogs up in yards as a lifestyle for the dog.
Why I Grieve the Loss of a Pet Like the Loss of a

Why I Grieve the Loss of a Pet Like the Loss of a Person

If you are an animal lover and heading into your senior years chances are you have said goodbye to more than a few pet companions. One dog died in my arms from cancer, another from old age, one was killed by another dog and one died while I was on vacation. My grief for each one was no less than the grief I've felt for the passing of a beloved human.
11/22/2014 12:41 EST
How I Realized I Was Part

How I Realized I Was Part Black

My second "wow" moment came as I made friends with my black neighbours and they asked me about my racial background. I would tell them I wasn't sure and they would invariably tell me I looked like a family member or a good friend who was considered "high yellow." High yellow blacks often pass for white. So at the age of 29 my identity as a white person ended..
08/31/2012 05:09 EDT