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48 Hours In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap was once a home base for exploration of the Angkor Archaeological Park. But in recent years, it has become so much more than that. While exploration of the more than 400-square-kilometre park, which includes the remains of the ancient Khmer Empire, is undeniably a must-see for a portion of your 48 hours in the city, it's not all you should do. Siem Reap has blossomed into so much more than the "Gateway to Angkor Wat," and this is how you can fill 48 hours with adventure, delicious eats, nightlife and even a little Cambodian-style relaxation.
02/22/2017 06:15 EST
Frizi via Getty Images

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait To Visit Cuba

As the number American-based airlines traveling to Cuba increase, the rumors circulate even faster. Stories of hoards of American tourists flocking to otherwise tranquil beaches and lavish resorts are butting bed and breakfasts out of the way and cruise ships are flocking there in droves from Miami. While most of the stories you hear are probably just tall tales, the following are five reasons why you shouldn't put off your bucket-list trip to Cuba.
02/15/2017 05:05 EST

8 Dive Bars That Will Make You Want To Move To Montreal

The City of Saints begins to feel a lot more like Sin City when you're searching for a place to grab a drink after a long day of sightseeing. As the second most populous city in Canada, Montreal is home to so many bars and eateries it can be difficult for visitors to find those laid-back, hole-in-the-wall establishments where the locals hang.
02/01/2017 05:36 EST
agustavop via Getty Images

The Best Winter Travel Spot Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Winter escapes are all about long days lounging in the sun -- or are they? Many North American travelers are seeking more than just a warm place to sip Pina Coladas. They want heaping doses of culture, picture-perfect scenery, and authentic cuisine thrown into the recipe too. One of the few warm-weather travel destinations in the world that offers history, authentic traditions, and more mouthwatering eats than you can cram into a single visit has been right under our noses all along.
01/25/2017 07:16 EST
Kyslynskyy via Getty Images

Sri Lanka Should Be One Country You Visit In 2017

Sri Lanka, floating off the southeastern tip of India, and splashed by salt water on all sides, is a tropical destination that isn't on everyone's travel radar, but it should be. These four reasons to visit the country formerly known as Ceylon will inspire you to skip the Caribbean and venture to the Indian Ocean for your warm weather escape in 2017.
01/04/2017 02:26 EST
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6 Indonesian Islands That Are Even Cooler Than Bali

Indonesia is home to 17,000 islands, and Bali is just one of them. While the "Island of the Gods" is revered for its coral reefs, volcanic mountains and technicolor rice terraces, many travelers' tunnel vision causes them to miss out on the country's countless other island paradises.
12/28/2016 04:33 EST
encrier via Getty Images

5 Canadian Christmas Markets You Can Visit Right Now

Christmas markets may have originated in Germany, but you don't have to travel to Nuremberg or Munich to enjoy the festive sights, sounds, and smells of a true holiday market. As soon as December is seen on the horizon, markets and bazaars begin to pop up across the Great White North's favorite cities and small towns.
12/20/2016 04:14 EST
Getty Images

Skip Christmas And Head To One Of These 5 Islands Instead

Christmas is expensive, and many of us are depleting our travel funds to put presents under the tree. But the memories of a holiday season spent in style on a not-so-faraway island can be much more fulfilling than another holiday-themed sweater or the five-pack of underwear in your stocking. It's not too late to forego your old holiday traditions and opt for your first annual trip to the islands instead.
12/16/2016 07:04 EST
Matteo Colombo via Getty Images

Spend February In These 4 Stunning Central America Towns

Spending a winter month in a warm-weather destination is a dream for many Canadians. But enjoying several weeks away from the frigid temperatures and feet of snow of the Great White North doesn't have to break the bank. These four Central American towns, loaded with natural beauty, culture, and budget-friendly places to call home, will encourage you to take a little more time off work this winter.
12/07/2016 02:31 EST
DEA / C. SAPPA via Getty Images

5 Places Where The Canadian Dollar Has Extra Value

There's no better time than now for Canadians to pack their bags and start traveling. A strong Canadian Dollar coupled with shockingly low flight prices means Canadians will see huge savings on travel when compared to previous years. In fact, in some destinations, Canadians are seeing their dollars go 36 per cent further than they did last year.
11/23/2016 07:11 EST
Lux_D via Getty Images

Forget Holiday Gifts -- Treat Yourself To A Trip This Year

The holiday season can be overwhelming. There are presents to buy, parties to plan, extravagant meals to cook, and relatives to entertain. However, you can eliminate all of the stresses of the holidays by escaping to a warm-weather destination, a city you've always longed to see, or a winter wonderland this time of year.
11/15/2016 07:27 EST
VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm via Getty Images

6 Reasons To Head To Mexico This Winter

Many travelers are overlooking one of North America's best travel destinations. Mexico is a culturally and naturally diverse nation, offering the key items most travelers seek -- postcard-worthy scenery, rich culture, hospitable people, delicious food, and affordability. These six reasons to visit Mexico will encourage you to forget about misleading media headlines and find your slice of heaven south of the border.
11/08/2016 06:55 EST