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4 Ways Travelling To Cambodia Could Change Your

4 Ways Travelling To Cambodia Could Change Your Life

Traveling to Cambodia will change your life. Many travelers have already added a visit to Angkor Wat to their bucket lists, but they don't know that a trip to the Kingdom of Cambodia may change the way they travel and see the world entirely. In just a 1-hour-long flight from Bangkok, you could be experiencing the land once known as the Khmer Empire.
05/31/2016 11:50 EDT
6 Canadian National Parks For Unforgettable Summer

6 Canadian National Parks For Unforgettable Summer Adventures

Ideal hiking weather, warmer water temperatures, and longer days make summer the best time of year to visit Canada's favourite national parks. However, the Great White North is home to more than 40 national parks, which makes it seem impossible to choose just a handful for your summer adventures.
05/24/2016 05:46 EDT
5 Midwest Destinations For Summer

5 Midwest Destinations For Summer Fun

Many travelers assume all summer getaways should be extravagant excursions to Europe or cross-country road trips. However, America's Midwest region is one of the most affordable, scenic and uncrowded for summer escapes. Even better, the area is loaded with happening cities, picturesque natural wonders and everything you need to make memories during the summer travel season.
05/17/2016 04:44 EDT
Uniquely Canadian Eats You Won't Find South Of The

Uniquely Canadian Eats You Won't Find South Of The Border

Canadians catch a hard time for their funny accents, overly-polite demeanors, and of course, Justin Bieber, but those who are in the know do not tease them about their food. Canadians enjoy an abundance of dishes that many of their neighbours south of the border never get to taste -- and they're missing out.
05/06/2016 12:13 EDT