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Doina Oncel

Founder of hEr VOLUTION

Doina Oncel is a Social Entrepreneur and the Founder of hEr VOLUTION, a nonprofit organization who focuses on giving opportunities and to spark interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education that leads to future employment in the STEM fields to girls and young women through fun and interactive workshops. Doina is committed to create social change for the equal rights of all young women in STEM fields.
How STEM Education Multiplies Opportunities For Female sdominick via Getty Images

How STEM Education Multiplies Opportunities For Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are generally more motivated in finding solutions to their own needs and pains as they often feel that the existing tools are not addressing enough or responding well. It's a proven fact that these types of solutions and products, invented to solve the personal pains of entrepreneurs are the best! But unfortunately, science, technology, engineering and math are all male dominated fields where women frequently feel or treated like a second-class citizens.
04/01/2016 12:43 EDT
How One Woman Is Democratizing the Final

How One Woman Is Democratizing the Final Frontier

Statistics show that women have been starting businesses at a higher rate than men for the past two decades, and self-made female billionaires are piling up. However, a much more interesting point is the effectiveness of female leadership in organizations.
07/22/2015 12:56 EDT
From homeless to Harvard: Tonika Morgan's unconventional path to Shutterstock / Marcio Jose Bastos Silva

From homeless to Harvard: Tonika Morgan's unconventional path to success

At 17 Tonika Morgan was a homeless youth living in a shelter and at 25 she gained her university degree. It took her a while to finish school but her determination to succeed did not stop her from focusing on what's important. After she achieved all of her goals that had showed other people that an unconventional path to education can take anyone to a high level of success, Tonika decided to achieve a goal of her own: attend Harvard University!
04/19/2015 11:35 EDT
Giving Women in STEM a

Giving Women in STEM a Voice

Having been involved with hEr VOLUTION for the last two years, I know firsthand that there are many men who support women in the STEM sector, whether they are recognized for it or not. HeForShe campaign had made it possible for others to see the benefits of campaigns such as this. DevTO is a great example of a men run tech social monthly meetup.
02/12/2015 04:43 EST
It's Time for Canada's Women to Lead in STEM Getty

It's Time for Canada's Women to Lead in STEM Fields

It is through encouraging girls and young women to test ideas and realize not only the challenges but also the opportunities STEM fields offer in order to be innovative in these fields. How are we going to see such changes take place in Canada?
12/13/2014 12:06 EST
Encouraging Women in STEM Fields Is One Way to Change This Getty

Encouraging Women in STEM Fields Is One Way to Change This Conversation

What is less talked about when discussing Montreal Massacre, and as equally important, is the rights of women to choose a profession which is considered male dominated. The December 6 event had played an important role in women in STEM. As of today, the number of women in STEM fields is significantly lower than men.
12/06/2014 11:29 EST
Women Are Dreaming Bigger and Speaking

Women Are Dreaming Bigger and Speaking Louder

Across the Fortune 500 companies and throughout cities worldwide, women appear to hold the short end of the stick. Women are considerably underrepresented as CEOs, officers, and directors in the corporate world. Since women occupy nearly half the total work force in the United States, what is the reasoning behind these inexplicable labour statistics?
07/07/2014 04:35 EDT
We Need More Women in

We Need More Women in Aerospace

There is no doubt that raising awareness on issues such as STEM, particularly Engineering and Aerospace fields in Canada is a valuable experience to offer. Seminars and conferences are a big part of m...
02/22/2014 12:16 EST
She's 14 and Changing the Health Care Doina

She's 14 and Changing the Health Care System

For my work, at the age of 13, I had the opportunity to represent Canada at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, I was selected as one of 90 finalists out of over 50,000 applicants for the Google International Science Fair and I was presented with Canada's Top 20 Under 20 award. Today, I'm 14-years-old and entering the 10th grade of high school. I'm combining my interests in biotech, health sciences and technology to launch my next venture.
09/17/2013 04:01 EDT
Our Relationship With Nature, Our

Our Relationship With Nature, Our Ecosystem

What do we know about nature? How does it affect us? Or does it affect us in any way? How do we present this information to our children who will have to live in this environment long after we are gon...
08/06/2013 04:06 EDT
Influencing Young Women Through

Influencing Young Women Through Math

There is something to be said about women who are meant to influence: they are doing it even when we least expect it. As women, we influence everyone around us at work, at home, and while we have fun...
07/25/2013 12:22 EDT
Famous Women in STEM: A Getty

Famous Women in STEM: A History

When we look back in time we remember some pioneers who are studied in school because of the marks they have left behind. Remember Albert Einstein, Alfred Nobel, Aristotle? What happened to the women in STEM that have also made a difference in our lives from centuries ago? It is imperative to have these women featured.
07/15/2013 05:15 EDT
How Do We Advance Women in Shutterstock

How Do We Advance Women in STEM?

We need to start focusing on investing in the education of the next generation of women. Times change and so do behaviours. People from our generation feel as though they have the responsibility to change how opportunities are presented and make sure that fairness is given to all that follow.
06/13/2013 07:43 EDT
A Call For More Female

A Call For More Female Mentors

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is an important factor to our society. Girls' accomplishments in STEM are created by the quality of female leaders around them. Once young girls see themselves as successful as the leaders before them they will believe in the potential for academic growth therefore a positive outcome will result out of it.
01/24/2013 12:13 EST
Why More Women Don't Work in Alamy

Why More Women Don't Work in Tech

When it comes to technology and social media, the opportunities for young women in this sector are limited. Once girls are finally introduced to such studies, if they are introduced at all, they find that they also have to battle with the fact that as a girl, they have to think about other factors such as being "normal" teenagers and learning new things, such as being one.
12/14/2012 12:23 EST