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Domenico Sansalone

Master's degree student and writer

Domenico Sansalone is a newlywed and master's degree student and has written for The Gay UK and Out in the City magazine.
I Heart Saskatoon, and I Know You Will alamy

I Heart Saskatoon, and I Know You Will Too

I decided to drive, along with my best friend, from Vancouver to Saskatoon. When I told my friends, their reactions ranged from "Saskatche-where?" to "Why would you want to drive two days only to end up there?" But if you think that Saskatoon is just some hick town in the middle of the Prairies, then think again. I discovered a vibrant city that has retained its small town charm while producing new restaurants and shops that rival those of its bigger neighbours.
10/25/2012 05:40 EDT