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Dominique Willieme

Dominique Willieme (NFB)

After several years working as both a consultant for media firms and as an editor for online pop-culture projects, Dominique Willieme moved to full-time interactive production in 2007. First participating in the creation of newly formed Fresh Media (Paris, France), he then joined ARTE as an editor-in-chief for online content and new platforms. After moving to Canada, he joined the National Film Board of Canada as a
producer, focusing on interactive productions for the French program.
The Many Global Citizens Living in Fort Fort McMoney

The Many Global Citizens Living in Fort McMoney

For about two weeks now, everyone who stops by our office has been wondering the same thing: Why do we keep glancing obsessively at a second screen, over there on the side of the room to the left? That second screen shows a small map of the world, scrolling bars and a number that changes constantly: the number of people playing Fort McMoney at this very moment.
12/11/2013 12:31 EST