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Don Konantz

Chair, Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer

Don Konantz is a 51 year old man living in Vancouver, B.C. Don has been a leader in various entrepreneurial organizations; a family man raising four children with his wife of 23 years; and giving back to many philanthropic causes and community organizations including the Coalition to Cure Prostate Cancer -- which he is Chair. He kept on top of his health with regular check-ups with his doctor, staying active and eating well but in 2011 was diagnosed with an aggressive metastatic prostate cancer. Don has met cancer with passion, contribution and exercise.

I'll Never Forget the Moment I was Diagnosed With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

On an idle Tuesday in February at 4:30 p.m., I learned that the statistic "one in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer" became, for me, one in one. I'll never forget that moment. My life's blackboard just went blank. I thought I had done everything right: eating a healthy diet, getting checked regularly, exercising -- but there it was on the biopsy.
10/23/2013 05:25 EDT