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Donna Dooher

Cookbook author, Restaurateur

Chef Donna Dooher, celebrated cookbook author and restaurateur, is one of North America’s leading advocates of the return to the table. With over 25 years of professional experience in the kitchen, Donna has established herself as a prominent figure in the Toronto hospitality community. Donna expanded her successful catering business Avant-Goût in 1990 to create an intimate restaurant called Mildred Pierce. Built in the west end of Toronto’s warehouse district, Mildred Pierce introduced its guests to a unique dining experience and established brunch as a culinary trend in the city.

In 1998, Donna founded The Cookworks Cooking Studio, offering entertaining and informative workshops focused on practical cuisine. Her hit Food Network show The Cookworks grew out of this initiative and is currently aired in over 120 countries worldwide. Donna served as Food Editor for WISH magazine, and authored the best-selling Market to Table cookbook, adding to her previous triumph with Cuisine Canada’s award-winning Out to Brunch with Mildred Pierce.

Donna’s newest venture is Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village and reflects her commitment to providing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, simply and sumptuously prepared. Donna sits on the board of Directors for the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association and will serve as Chair in 2012. As an active member of Slow Food, Donna is a self-proclaimed ‘fork hugger’ dedicated to supporting Ontario farmers and local agriculture.
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