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Dorothy Brophy

Business Lawyer, Brophy Professional Corporation

Dorothy Brophy is a business lawyer providing senior legal counsel with a special focus on business transactions and intellectual property. She has more than 20 years of experience, first practicing corporate and commercial law with Blaney, McMurtry and Aylesworth Thompson and then establishing her own practice at Brophy Professional Corporation in Toronto. Brophy Professional Corporation provides personalized senior legal advice that results in a legally sound business structure, whether the objective is to access new capital, re-finance and build an existing operation, buy a new business, or sell all or part of the business.
In 1980, Dorothy graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in political theory. She obtained her LL.B from the University of Ottawa law school in 1983. A life long learner, while continuing to run her Toronto practice she went on to earn a Master's degree in Theology with her thesis that examined ethical issues.
Dorothy has been on the cutting edge of helping companies in the research and development of new products, as well as the financing of several start-up ventures including Corel Corporation. Since beginning her own private law practice in 1992, Dorothy has acted as in-house counsel for companies such as Noma Industries Ltd., Pitney Bowes Canada and Aluminart Products Ltd., where she managed acquisitions, divestitures and the re-structuring of divisions.
In support of her focus on the evolution and growth of entrepreneurial businesses, Dorothy works closely with competent legal advisors in specialized areas such as tax, employment law and securities. Working exclusively with companies which do business in Ontario, she has also positioned herself in a global economy to work with counsel from other jurisdictions requiring legal advice and assistance in Ontario.
Dorothy is a member of The Law Society of Upper Canada, and was a director of the Association for Corporate Growth from 2000 to 2004. She is currently a director of L'Arche Toronto, a member of an international organization creating communities with people with developmental disabilities.
Dorothy can be reached at 416-698-1534 or via email at Her website is
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