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Doug Bannister

CEO and CTO, Omnivex Corporation

Doug Bannister is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Omnivex. An industry pioneer for over 25 years and a member of Mensa Canada, Doug Bannister is considered by many as a visionary in the digital signage space. Doug founded Omnivex after seven successful years in the LED sign software business, and has used his understanding of customer needs and technology to create one of the industry’s leading software solutions. Doug is responsible for Omnivex’s long-term product architecture and the overall vision for the company, and his visual communications solutions are now sought after by companies around the world.
It's Time To Rethink Mobility In The scanrail via Getty Images

It's Time To Rethink Mobility In The Workplace

The digital workforce was a revolution in itself, but the mobile workforce takes it to a new level. What does mobile really mean? Mobility is often associated with a physical device - the mobile phone. However, a mobile workforce is more than just employees running around with mobile phones. A mobile workforce has access to real-time information wherever they are on any device and the ability to communicate back in real-time.
03/27/2017 05:50 EDT