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Douglas Anthony Cooper

Novelist, Photographer. Portfolio:

Douglas Anthony Cooper's first novel, AMNESIA, was longlisted for the Commonwealth Prize, and shortlisted for the WH Smith First Novel Award. For five years he was a Contributing Editor at New York Magazine, where he wrote and photographed most of the travel features. His writing and photography have appeared in Rolling Stone, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure and The New York Times. Cooper's travel photography was the subject of a feature in New York's PDN (Photo District News). In 2012, his exposé of PETA's shelter killing was a finalist for COPA (The Canadian Online Publishing Awards). He won the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal, America's most prestigious travel writing award, and has been collected in Best American Travel Writing. Recently, Cooper partnered with illustrator Dula Yavne to publish GALUNKER, a children’s book about a pit bull, aimed at correcting misconceptions and teaching children how to be safe around dogs, regardless of breed. It was one of the most successful kids’ publishing projects in Kickstarter history, raising $62,000. Cooper lives in Rome, but has collaborated with artists and architects around the world, on projects including video installations with Diller Scofidio + Renfro at the Venice Biennale, the Barbican, and the Whitney Museum. Cooper's collected writing can be found at DYSARM. His photography resides at DYSMEDIA.

Hairless Love

At the moment there are less than 1,000 Xoloitzcuintlis in America, a breed of hairless Mexican dogs, but expect that number to change. Yesterday Giorgio Armani won the Best in Breed at this year's Westminster. The crowd howled its approval, and Twitter was buzzing with Bald Love all day. The Xolo has arrived.
02/14/2012 11:57 EST
How Not to Get Beheaded in

How Not to Get Beheaded in Mexico

You are as likely to have your head removed against your will in my town -- Oaxaca -- as you are to be murdered by roving, machete-crazed gangs in Martha's Vineyard. In fact, you are a whole lot safer in the state of Yucatan than you are in Canada.
01/26/2012 05:02 EST
Democracy's Best Barometer? Dead

Democracy's Best Barometer? Dead Cats

Over the weekend, a cat belonging to an Arkansas Democratic campaign manager was found dead with the word "Liberal" spray-painted across its side. If this crime does not matter to you, then you do not care about the nature of your democracy. You do not care about what kind of country you live in.
01/24/2012 12:09 EST
Sherlock Holmes: A Brief History of Psychopaths Who Go

Sherlock Holmes: A Brief History of Psychopaths Who Go Boom

You don't have to be a cannibal to be truly unnerving. Director Guy Ritchie is at his best suggesting the insanity of the century to come, and the place of Professor Moriarty in the scheme of world war: the Professor intends to start one. In short, the film gets the gunpowder right.
01/06/2012 08:41 EST
A Sane Tom Cruise? A Sane New

A Sane Tom Cruise? A Sane New Year!

Tom Cruise has become sane, and this is a sign from the gods. The year 2012 -- which those who channel Mayans for a living tell us will be trulyincomprehensible and unpleasant -- will be nothing of the sort: It's going to make sense. And it's going to be a blast.
01/02/2012 03:46 EST
Part 4: Hatred Means Never Having to Say You're

Part 4: Hatred Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

<img alt="2011-12-30-genocie_libel_A.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" />If you obsess about Israel's supposedly murderous nature, yet feel neutral about Guatemala, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil -- each of which (though arguably not guilty of genocide) is responsible for the outright massacre of at least 100,000 innocent civilians -- then you are a bigot. You may not be an anti-Semite. But you have a problem with Jews.
12/30/2011 07:32 EST
Part 3: A Matter of Lies and

Part 3: A Matter of Lies and Death

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2011-12-29-genocie_libel_A.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /></a>We have all that we need to show that defaming Israel with the slur of "genocide" is a particular kind of lie: it is not simply inaccurate, but it is inaccurate by orders of magnitude.
12/29/2011 07:28 EST
Part 2: Murder by

Part 2: Murder by Numbers

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2011-12-26-genocie_libel_A.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /></a>The total number of Israelis and Palestinians killed, in over half a century of conflict, is approximately 15,000. This includes all of the fatalities on both sides: 15,000. In over 50 years.
12/28/2011 07:19 EST
Part 1:

Part 1: "Genghis Khan With a Computer?"

<a href="" target="_hplink"><img alt="2011-12-26-genocie_libel_A.jpg" src="" width="300" height="80" /></a>Might Israel be an evil nation? It is a question I admit to asking myself. Am I on the wrong side of history? I have always considered Israel a friend. Might I be wrong?
12/27/2011 07:05 EST
My Girlfriend Studies Vampires. At

My Girlfriend Studies Vampires. At Harvard.

Vampire science is already poaching some of the best. The woman who teaches vampires at Harvard is a serious scholar of Romantic English literature. Now, Lord Byron did in fact invoke the undead in "The Giaour." But don't kid yourself: it's still a huge and weird notional leap to go from Byron Studies to Vampire Studies.
11/28/2011 01:03 EST
When Good Bloggers Pimp Bad Science (No, We Don't Need to

When Good Bloggers Pimp Bad Science (No, We Don't Need to "Study" Race and IQ)

The IQ swindle is just this: an attempt to quantify the unquantifiable. The field aspires to the level of science, therefore it has to boast precision. It attempts to achieve this, disastrously, by counting something that can't be counted. By measuring something that isn't even, when looked at closely, a thing. The IQ scientists, at their worst, force their wretched notions to become facts.
11/22/2011 05:25 EST
Sorry, Dr. King Did Not Consider You An Enlightened Anti-Zionist. Deal With

Sorry, Dr. King Did Not Consider You An Enlightened Anti-Zionist. Deal With It.

It is painful to be called an anti-Semite by a deceased saint. Yet the dead speak, even when we wish they'd keep their thoughts to themselves. There is a tremendous effort to deny that Martin Luther King ever said these words: "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism." Unfortunately, he did.
11/18/2011 12:11 EST
And if Elected, I Solemnly Promise to Commit War

And if Elected, I Solemnly Promise to Commit War Crimes

Now that candidates can run respectably on a platform of torture, how long before we see a frontrunner advocating slavery? Surely everything's open for reconsideration. It's time to retire an inconvenient prejudice: that America's progress should be in a forward direction.
11/16/2011 04:15 EST

Occupy Conservatism

Occupy Wall Street is, like the Tea Party, a messy populist movement. The concern is real that it refuses to recognize an essential tragic component of human affairs: unfairness is the abiding fact of our condition
11/09/2011 09:01 EST