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Douglas Judson

A hayseed with a pocket square who found his way to law school in Toronto. Variously intrigued by #LGBT, #cdnpoli, #onpoli, and the law.

Douglas Judson is a JD/MBA candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and President of the Law Students’ Society of Ontario. The opinions expressed are his own. Follow him at @dwjudson.
Trinity Western Grasps at Hypocritical

Trinity Western Grasps at Hypocritical Half-Truths

John Carpay's condemnation of the Ontario Superior Court alleges that 'half-truths' have been relied on to scuttle Trinity Western University's quest to establish a law school. Ironically, Mr. Carpay's own analysis is built upon factual and legal mischaracterizations. These are designed to stoke suspicions of a nonexistent anti-Christian bias among legal institutions and to undermine the crucial public policy considerations invoked by the Law Society of Upper Canada in denying TWU's accreditation. The dispute surrounding TWU is about the public interest obligations of law societies to promote equal access to the profession, not about meddling with university policies or religious doctrines.
07/08/2015 12:20 EDT
Toronto, Don't Choose a Rob Ford

Toronto, Don't Choose a Rob Ford Redux

The trouble is that recent years have invigorated the mayor's brand of hyperbole politics. It pays out in spades for those willing to join the bandwagon and echo the "us versus them" chorus. Its cronies transcend party lines; its victims and resisters fade quickly from memory ("not a leader", anyone?). It is the Ford Nation creed. A new, normalized nastiness has imbued the body politic, harshly demarking who is "one of us" and who is to be cast aside. Its candidates bob in the fickle surf of prejudice or fashionable platitudes, instead of wading into their own vision or fair-minded convictions.
09/03/2014 08:19 EDT