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Douglas McNish

Vegan Chef

Cooking since the age of 15 Douglas fell in love with the kitchen instantaneously. He felt a deep and sincere love for all things food related. Camaraderie, hard work, attention to detail and the constant creativity were all factors in drawing him to continue his goals and move on to Chef School. <br> <br> Upon completion of the prestigious George Brown Culinary Chef Program, Douglas took an apprenticeship and continued to hone his skills learning the inner workings of a busy professional kitchen. <br> <br> After working for Toronto's best chefs in some of the most challenging atmospheres he found that he needed to make a change. Not realizing then how much food is a factor in all aspects of life, he found himself overweight and unhappy. It was at this point that he watched an undercover video from PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) that his life would change forever. After witnessing such atrocities he made a choice to become vegetarian. <br> <br> Over the course of the next 6 months (while working on a grill in a steakhouse) Douglas began to transform his diet and his life forever. Slowly weight began to peel off and he began to feel a lightness he never experienced before. By taking what he already knew from his years of culinary training he began to relearn how to prepare food in a healthier light. Pairing this with a deep concern for the planet and the welfare of all it's inhabitants the next most logical step was to become vegan. <br> <br> Photo Credit for Head Shot: Jo-Anne McArthur
How to Eat Cleaner, Healthier and

How to Eat Cleaner, Healthier and Ethically

It is our duty as smart, informed shoppers to choose wisely and not be fooled. There are many simple things we can do to take back our health and make sure to not be duped into marketing propaganda from large corporations wanting to take our money. Remember, we vote with our dollars, so make every vote count.
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