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Dr. Adrienne Kelly

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Canadian born and trained Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon returning from working in the U.S.
Healthcare advocate.
Concerned citizen.
Are Democracy and Health Care Mutually Exclusive in Morsa Images via Getty Images

Are Democracy and Health Care Mutually Exclusive in Ontario?

This may catch your attention -- if doctors can't afford to pay staff, and patients are too disabled to return to work because they cannot get surgery in a timely fashion, your government will lose significant tax dollar revenue whilst having to support more unemployed or underemployed citizens. Does this hit home to you? Doctors number in the thousands but the implications of these cuts, caps and clawbacks extend to millions. We want as many Ontarians as possible to have timely, safe and appropriate access to care, not just emergency care but preventative care.
09/22/2015 08:03 EDT