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Dr. Allana Polo

Naturopath, Owner of Polo Health

Allana Polo is a certified naturopathic physician and owner of Polo Health + Longevity Centre , an integrated health clinic located in New Westminster B.C., Canada. Allana's signature weight loss program, holistic and functional approach to whole body wellness, has helped thousands of patients change their lives.
The Weight Loss Myths That Are Sabotaging Allen Donikowski via Getty Images

The Weight Loss Myths That Are Sabotaging You

In my practice, I meet people who have tried many things to lose weight: from juice fasts to protein loading. Many of these people, in spite of stubborn fat, are well-versed in what it takes to shed the pounds: and they come to me feeling exasperated because their well-meaning efforts -- sticking to whole foods and exercising regularly -- have amounted to barely a budge on the scale. What gives?
02/03/2017 06:44 EST
Summer Carnival Food That Won't Expand Your Beverly LeFevre via Getty Images

Summer Carnival Food That Won't Expand Your Waistline

A trip to the carnival or fair is a summertime staple that most people don't want to miss. While the rides and excitement can be a strong lure, the food is also a much-loved reason for visiting. Notoriously deep fried, however, it doesn't exactly meet my standards for healthy or a good choice when you are trying to drop or maintain weight.
08/18/2016 04:45 EDT
5 Simple Ways To Be Healthy At Sydney Roberts via Getty Images

5 Simple Ways To Be Healthy At Work

If you are going to spend a lot of time at work, you need to make sure you are living well, even amongst the stress and strain of deadlines and performance reviews. The good news: it's not as hard as you think. Try incorporating some of these simple principles and ideas into your average workday.
05/31/2016 09:56 EDT
5 Ways to Make Summer Last All Year huePhotography via Getty Images

5 Ways to Make Summer Last All Year Long

Just about now you've hit your summer groove: maybe it includes less demanding work days, more relaxing social outings and longer nights spent nurturing your soul with "me" activities. Stress levels tend to drop in the summer months, and overall we have a sunnier outlook (pardon the pun).
08/26/2015 08:19 EDT
Four Summer Foods Disguised as JOSEPH EID via Getty Images

Four Summer Foods Disguised as "Healthy" Choices

There are some hidden dangers you need to know about if weight gain is a concern, if you want to take advantage of summer activities to slim down or if you have health concerns that need to be kept in check. Here are four summer foods, disguised as healthy choices, that may actually be causing you to gain weight.
07/28/2015 12:13 EDT
How to Manage 3 Embarrassing Summertime Foodography / Alamy

How to Manage 3 Embarrassing Summertime Problems

Heat-seekers rejoice, the warm weather and sunshine has rolled in. We can finally shed some layers, shrug off dark winter days and embrace sweaty outdoor fun and warm-weather inspired treats. As you hit the trails for a sun-inspired run or the ice cream parlour for a cool treat, you may be experiencing a few of summer's unwanted, and embarrassing, side effects.
07/02/2015 05:33 EDT
How to Keep Your Skin Glowing This shutterstock

How to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

The heat is on and we say bring the summer sun -- it's for basking in, strolling in and getting active in. But before you shed your layers and hit the beach, park or your favourite walking path, make sure you adjust your skincare routine and take some extra measures to protect yourself from summer skin problems.
06/11/2015 12:32 EDT