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Dr. Angeline Beltsos

Medical Director and Clinical Research Director, Fertility Centers of Illinois

Dr. Angeline Beltsos is the medical director and clinical research director at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Since 1991 she has helped thousands of patients overcome infertility to have the family of their dreams.
Thank You for Speaking Out About Your Fertility Struggles, Jaime Jaime King/Instagram

Thank You for Speaking Out About Your Fertility Struggles, Jaime King

Jaime you decided to come forward with your personal experiences and give a voice to all of those who found that trying for a baby didn't go as they planned. You didn't have to share this information, but you did. By doing so, you brought awareness to infertility and hope to women all over the world. You've given a ray of hope to those who needed it amidst the flurry of injectable medications, ultrasounds, and doctor appointments. You've brought encouragement to those who went through the "two week wait" with baited breath only to be heartbroken and disappointed.
01/23/2015 05:48 EST
The 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions Out LWA/Larry Williams via Getty Images

The 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions Out There

Once ovulation is over, pregnancy is not possible. Ovulation, when an egg drops from the ovary into the fallopian tubes, occurs once a month roughly 7-10 days prior to a woman's period. To become pregnant, a sperm must meet the egg during this 24-48 hour timeframe. Couples should have sex prior to and during ovulation as sperm can survive in the reproductive tract for 72 hours.
04/17/2014 11:53 EDT