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Dr. Anthony Watanabe

Founder and CEO, Innovolve Group

Dr. Anthony Watanabe is the founder and CEO of the Innovolve Group, the boutique consultancy behind the Canadian Water Summit. He also sits on the Water Partnership Advisory Committee of the Council of the Federation’s Water Stewardship Council, which provides information and strategic advice to Canada’s Premiers on key trends, issues and opportunities related to water resources. You can contact Anthony at
Canada Should Lead the Clean Water

Canada Should Lead the Clean Water Economy

Canada has a unique opportunity to lead in the water economy of the future. We can do this by showing the world how we respect this natural heritage through good policies, governance, ambassadorship and innovation. The goal: to conserve our country's resources by providing the expertise and tools to water-scarce regions so they can regenerate, protect and restore their own watersheds.
08/02/2012 05:11 EDT