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Dr. Brenna Velker

MD, PhD, Ontario Family Physician and Mom of Twins

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Brenna is a Family Doctor working in Ontario. She is passionate about trauma-informed care and promoting healthy attachment between children and their parents. She believes that resilience, kindness and gratitude are the most important qualities parents can pass along to their children, and tries to model that every day for her own twin toddlers. Yogi, runner, research geek and not afraid to speak up for what she believes in.
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

What We Really Think Of Women In Power

This week, in this election, I learned that as a woman in leadership, no matter how high you rise, you will always be just that -- a woman. If you're too soft, you're emotional and unstable, if you're too hard, you're cold and untrustworthy. As a society, we have not been able to see a balance between emotion and strength for women. And it's not just men who do not know how to react around a powerful woman, women are equally, if not more critical.
11/17/2016 04:18 EST

Ontario Physicians Agreement Isn't A Good Deal, But I'm Still Voting Yes

Lets be honest. The tentative Physician Services Agreement negotiated between the OMA and the Ministry is not a good deal. Anyone with any experience in negotiation, law, or with any common sense can realize that this barely qualifies as a contract. But I'm voting yes, and I strongly encourage my colleagues to do the same.
07/25/2016 03:08 EDT
Pascal Broze via Getty Images

Ontario's Family Doctors-in-Training Are Leaving the Province

The government is reducing the number of training spots for family physicians in the coming years. And now they are implementing cuts and clawbacks that are not only resulting in established physicians packing up and leaving the province, but our new grads are planning to leave in droves. The future isn't as bright as we once thought, and if something isn't done to prevent the loss of our physicians in training, it will only get much worse.
10/20/2015 05:34 EDT