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Dr. Brett Belchetz

CEO at Maple (, ER physician

CEO at Maple (, Emergency Room Physician from Toronto, Canada. Studied Statistical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario and Medicine at the University of Toronto. Former Management Consultant with McKinsey and Company. Recurring on air medical expert on CTV, CBC, Global, CP24. Senior Fellow at The Fraser Institute.

Avid runner, lover of all foods, adoring pet owner to a 10 year old Shi Tzu/Bichon puppy named Matti.

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The Unadvertised Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

So when no evidence exists to show that e-cigarettes are safe for long-term use by humans, when laboratory studies demonstrate worrisome potential physiological risks, and when strong evidence is mounting that e-cigarettes are leading our youth to consider smoking tobacco cigarettes, I would contend that caution here is the only reasonable approach.
03/06/2015 09:23 EST
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4 Reasons This ER Physician Is Dead Scared of Our Ebola Response

Statistically, when it comes to more Ebola cases arriving in North America, the question is not if, but when. While I still believe there is no cause for a general panic over Ebola, I feel that the approach being taken at present by our public health authorities is overconfident, dogmatic, and inflexible, with an unwillingness to consider that current containment measures may not be adequate. As a front line health care worker, I feel that my own safety is already at risk.
10/13/2014 11:39 EDT
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What 'Feels Good' Isn't Necessarily Good for You

The implications of this being -- if one believes that gluten is the source of one's intestinal issues, it is very likely one will feel subjectively better when that particular agent is removed, or if one believes a given detox/cleanse will make one feel more vitality, it probably will -- if for no other reason than placebo effect.
07/11/2014 04:49 EDT
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6 Reasons Why Nurses are the Unsung Heroes of the ER

Our nurses so frequently go above and beyond the call of duty, while receiving so little recognition for their amazing work and dedication. It is a situation I feel we all should do our best to improve, so without further ado, the top reasons why nurses are my true heroes of the Emergency Room.
07/04/2014 12:49 EDT
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We Need to Rethink the Canada Health Act, and Fast

Recently, a scathing report on the United States' health care system was issued. Surprisingly, little was made of this report in Canada. This was a shocking oversight, given that our performance on this same report was abysmal. Our health care system ranked second last in the study. How did our once-vaunted health care system become such a very expensive failure?
06/27/2014 06:25 EDT
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Why I Won't Recommend Gluten-Free Diets to My Patients

If your doctor turned to you one day and diagnosed you with a dietary condition that research suggests doesn't exist, for which there was no objective laboratory test, and for which treatment would cost your household thousands of dollars per year, while raising your fat and calorie intake with no measurable health benefits, would you say yes? I wouldn't.
06/12/2014 12:38 EDT