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Dr Brian Goldman

Dr Brian Goldman is a Toronto ER physician and host of CBC Radio One's WHITE COAT, BLACK ART. His new bestselling book - The Secret Language of Doctors - is published by Harper Collins Canada.

Brian Goldman, MD, is one of those rare individuals with great success in not one but several adrenaline-pumping careers. Goldman is a respected emergency physician in Toronto. He is also the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s award-winning radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, where he takes listeners behind the scenes of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Goldman unpacks and demystifies what goes on inside medicine’s sliding doors – with edgy topics that include the whistle blowing in health care, burnout among health professionals, racism in health care and how to getting to the head of the line in health care.
Goldman is on a lifelong campaign to confront medical errors and create a culture of safety for patients. He has proven unafraid of using his own medical mistakes for examples on how doctors can improve. His TEDtalk – “Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?” has been watched by close to a million viewers, and has been featured in The Huffington Post and NPRs TED Radio Hour.
Dr. Goldman has worked as a health reporter for The National, CBC Television’s flagship news program, for CBC-TV’s The Health Show, and served as senior production executive during the launch year of Discovery Health Channel, Canada’s only 24-hour channel devoted to health programming.
He is the author of the bestselling book The Night Shift: Real Life in the ER, which takes readers through giddying heights and crashing lows as Goldman works through a typical night shift in one of Canada’s busiest ERs. His new book The Secret Language of Doctors – published by Harper Collins in 2014 – is a biting look at medical slang. The book cracks the coded words doctors use in hospital elevators and hallways that reveal what the doctor really thinks about your mother’s obesity, your grandfather’s dementia or her colleague’s competence. Often funny and always revealing, The Secret Language of Doctors reveals deep flaws in modern medical culture, and how to fix them.
How Doctors Use Dark Humour to Keep Ourselves Cavan Images via Getty Images

How Doctors Use Dark Humour to Keep Ourselves Going

For those who work in high stress professions, dishing slang is pretty normal. Another important purpose of hospital slang is to help health professionals cope with patients who are in pain and suffering as well as those who die on their watch. There are probably more words and phrases used to talk about patients at or near death than almost any other clinical condition or situation.
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