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Dr. Bryn Hyndman

The Modern Doctor. Providing personalized, proactive healthcare & lifestyle design that meets your needs- because one size does not fit all.

Dr. Bryn Hyndman is the Medical Director at Qi Integrated Health, overseeing the Family Medicine and Wellness Programs. Joining Qi integrated Health has provided Dr. Hyndman with the opportunity to provide truly integrative and personalized medicine to patients looking for more quality time with their doctors. <br> <br> Combining the expertise of both naturopathic and conventional medicine, Dr. Hyndman offers solutions to her patients that uncover the underlying cause of symptoms and disease. As Medical Director at Qi, Dr. Hyndman is a partner with a lifelong vision to create wellness-focused medical programs that meet the needs of people wanting an individualized medical approach, because one size does not fit all.
How To Relieve Holiday

How To Relieve Holiday Stress

While the holiday season can be a fun, festive and joyful time of year, it can also be the root cause of lots of stress. The demands of shopping, parties, baking, entertaining and family can leave people feeling anything but relaxed.
12/14/2016 03:12 EST
What Causes Sugar Cravings (And How To Stop

What Causes Sugar Cravings (And How To Stop Them)

We are all programmed to like sugar. While everyone loves a dessert now and then, if you feel powerless to resist your sweet tooth, it may be your body's way of telling you that something isn't quite right. It can also be a part of your genetics.
11/01/2016 09:08 EDT
Your Family Doesn't Have To Get Sick This

Your Family Doesn't Have To Get Sick This Fall

With the change of pace September brings, shopping for school supplies isn't the only way to get ready for the new season. The return to a busy routine and communal environment can take a serious toll on the health and wellness of everyone in the family. To avoid getting sick and to minimize stress, making simple lifestyle changes during the month of September will help you and your kids ease into the back to school routine.
09/12/2016 10:17 EDT