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Dr. Carolyn Ee

Doctor, researcher, runner, mother

Carolyn is a medical doctor, acupuncturist, researcher and mother to two preschoolers. She blogs about health and her journey to discover the Nirvana of work-family balance. In her "spare time" she enjoys running and the occasional eating of cupcakes.

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Four Words That Changed the Way I See My kate_sept2004 via Getty Images

Four Words That Changed the Way I See My Children

I've repeated this phrase since then, on many occasions. During the good, the bad, and even the mundane and pedestrian parts of my parenting journey. Parenthood can often feel like a desperate race through the "phases," always hurtling forward, always wishing this current phase was over, that the children would be more independent, less clingy, less messy, less fidgety, less screamy, less whiney.
11/11/2014 12:40 EST
Why I Am no Longer a Stay-At-Home Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Why I Am no Longer a Stay-At-Home Parent

Children are an incredible paradox. They bring so much joy, so many tender moments, so many blissful times when you're just enjoying them, and they're enjoying you, and you're laughing at something funny your toddler said, or something adorable your baby did. And then there's the other 23 hours and 30 minutes of the day you have to get through.
08/20/2014 12:33 EDT
Things I Can and Can't Blame My Children Scott Hortop via Getty Images

Things I Can and Can't Blame My Children For

People, not parents, struggle to find the time and energy to do the things they know they should. Anyhow, it struck me that there are some things I can (and will!) blame my children for, cheerfully, and some things that I resolve I will not blame them for. I want them to know I can prioritise what's important for my own wellbeing, so that they can learn from me.
08/19/2014 09:24 EDT
Dear Daughter, You Can Be Whatever Kind of Mother You Getty

Dear Daughter, You Can Be Whatever Kind of Mother You Want

You are entitled to feel fulfilled outside of the domestic sphere; you must never, ever feel guilty about this. You must love what you do or you will not be happy, at home or while you are working. You have so many wonderful choices ahead of you. Don't ever feel as though there is only one choice.
08/08/2014 12:17 EDT
Confessions of a Recovering Shutterstock / Maridav

Confessions of a Recovering Runaholic

My name is Carolyn and it's been one week since my last run. It's the first time in years that I haven't been running at least every few days, barring when I was pregnant. And even so, I ran up til 28 weeks with my first. I am literally in rehab.
07/09/2014 12:25 EDT
To My Four-Year-Old Daughter: I'm Getty

To My Four-Year-Old Daughter: I'm Sorry

My dearest little girl, sometimes I forget that you're only four years old. Actually, a month ago you were just three. Maybe I expect too much from you at times because you're a big sister now. Maybe it's because I just haven't taken the time and effort to see things from your bright little eyes. But my darling, I am slowly learning to do exactly this, and I'm sorry I sometimes forget.
06/16/2014 08:28 EDT
My Daughter Can Be A Princess If She Wants Getty

My Daughter Can Be A Princess If She Wants To

Here's what I have to say for those who worry their daughters might turn into princesses, as in helpless silly females who value the superficial only and have no problem-solving skills. Just don't be a princess yourself. Be assertive. Gain control over your emotions. Display strength and courage and resilience. Don't read women's magazines.
05/02/2014 01:05 EDT
A Letter From a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother (and Vice Getty

A Letter From a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother (and Vice Versa)

I know that you seldom have a hot cup of coffee or tea. I know that your attention is always divided, often diverted from a moment to moment basis, and you cannot ever count on completing a task in the one go. I know that you probably don't get any down time when you're on your own at home, unless you have a single child who still naps in the daytime. I know the challenges you deal with daily, usually with no peer support or backup. The toddler tantrums, the toilet training accidents, the food battles, the food on the floor, the crayons on the wall, the sibling rivalry, the baby that never seems to stop crying.
02/11/2014 08:02 EST