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Dr. Christian Turbide

Founder, digestive expert & visionary, advocate of nutrition, community & mindset in preventative & therapeutic medicine

Dr. Christian Turbide is one of Canada’s leading experts in digestive disease. He is a practicing clinician at The Foothills ​Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where patients often wait 8 months or more to consult with him. Frustrated with the limitations of Western medicine, Dr. Turbide now urges his patients to take a more holistic approach to their health, including the principles of nutrition, exercise, mindset and community along with traditional medical intervention.
Are You Too Busy To Eat

Are You Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

A small investment of time pays off by keeping you healthy, eating well and feeling your best. Ultimately, it makes life easier. Even the simple strategy of cooking once and eating twice by making more than you need and enjoying leftovers is effective in promoting better nutrition on a daily basis.
05/30/2016 01:40 EDT
8 Ways To Deal With Picky

8 Ways To Deal With Picky Eaters

I have a few suggestions and strategies you can use to help your picky family be on board with the changes you want to make, without them even realizing it. Try one, or a few of them, and keep reminding yourself that change may not happen overnight, but each shift is a step forward to better nourishing your loved ones.
02/29/2016 04:56 EST
Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The

Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

So much of our health, our happiness, our success and our relationships come down to how well our bodies work. I want to talk about the most important facet of what we eat and when we should eat it. I'm talking about breakfast. Breakfast has been a source of controversy and debate.
01/21/2016 12:33 EST
Inflammation: Definition, Diagnosis And

Inflammation: Definition, Diagnosis And Treatment

There are two types of inflammation -- acute and chronic. Doctors can tell these apart by understanding the history of the inflammation, and by carefully examining the inflammation under their microscope of education and experience.
11/26/2015 03:02 EST
8 Ways To Add 12 Years To Your Life

8 Ways To Add 12 Years To Your Life Expectancy

By looking at human physiology, the average age expectancy should be about 90; however, current life expectancy is around 78. While this number continues to rise for women, the facts show that on average, we are leaving about 12 years on the table.
11/12/2015 05:19 EST
Stress Could Be Your Silent

Stress Could Be Your Silent Killer

Stress is an inescapable part of our daily lives. Once we learn to see it as an emotional and/or physiological adaptation to help us to deal more effectively with the world, we'll be able to take stress on in a positive way- and without the crippling belief that it is killing us.
10/19/2015 01:10 EDT
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For... Modified

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For... Modified Milk?

Milk is said to be the building block of most dairy products including ice cream, yogurt, butter and cheese. However, since milk basically undergoes so many changes throughout the processing stage of these products, it can no longer be called milk, and ice cream can no longer be called ice cream. And so we are presented with "modified milk ingredients."
09/14/2015 05:16 EDT
How to Diet and Have a Social

How to Diet and Have a Social Life

Social pressure can heat up really fast if you have taken on changing your life in a way that is very different from those in your life -- your family, friends and coworkers. They may not be thrilled with your lifestyle changes and can present a lot of discouragement, even if they are well-meaning.
08/17/2015 12:26 EDT
10 Tips to Keep You Eating

10 Tips to Keep You Eating Well

We all know that following a diet pattern that includes a variety of whole, real foods, vegetables, fruits, ethically-sourced proteins and healthy fats is a big part of leading a healthier (and longer!) life. Unfortunately, this is often easier is concept than in practice.
08/02/2015 08:19 EDT
If You Cheat on Your Diet, Forgive

If You Cheat on Your Diet, Forgive Yourself

Above all, the most important thing you can do for yourself, and your health is to forgive yourself and move on. The past cannot be changed and only you can create your best future. Especially when it comes to your food, forgive yourself for any past transgressions, then move forward with a clean slate!
07/26/2015 10:34 EDT
Top 10 Foods to

Top 10 Foods to Avoid

Eating well doesn't require deprivation. Armed with little understanding of what foods (and food-like substances) you should avoid will be a huge part of guaranteeing you will not become one of those statistics in my waiting room. Here are my top 10 offenders when it comes to foods to avoid.
07/22/2015 11:37 EDT
The Real Reason You Sabotage Your

The Real Reason You Sabotage Your Diet

I've spent the greater part of my medical career asking myself, "Why do we embark on these negative behaviors if we all want to be healthy?" We all look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves that we must change yet go through the same motions the next day.
07/09/2015 05:11 EDT
The Perfect Diet Comes From Listening to Your

The Perfect Diet Comes From Listening to Your Body

So who should you listen to? The answer of course, is you. Listen to your body. Really listen. Ask yourself some key questions. The answers to what you should, and shouldn't be eating are best determined by you, and your desired results.
06/21/2015 07:38 EDT
4 Ways to Heal Your Body and Live a Healthy

4 Ways to Heal Your Body and Live a Healthy Life

You need a healthy life to create a healthy body. There is no quick fix, and no pharmaceutical can erase the effects of poor lifestyle choices. Studies have shown only 20 per cent of hospitalizations and deaths are caused by genetics alone, and health is 75 per cent lifestyle. The choices you make each time you eat, move, think and behave all play a pivotal role in creating your health, or lack thereof.
06/14/2015 09:30 EDT