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Dr. Christine Palmay

MD, Women's Health Expert

Dr. Christine Palmay graduated from the Western University Schulich School of Medicine in 2006, during which time she was granted with several awards, including a national scholarship for outstanding candidates pursuing family medicine. She completed her residency in 2008 and currently manages a busy family medical practice in midtown Toronto.

Dr. Palmay’s passion lies in providing comprehensive medical care, with a focus on preventative medicine and women’s health.
Is It Time To Break Up With Your Birth Control

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Birth Control Pill?

If you're like many women, chances are you're in auto-pilot mode and you've used the same birth control since you first started having sex. The challenge with complacency though, it doesn't just lead to missed opportunities, but rather can lead to some alarming trends.
02/26/2015 10:21 EST