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Dr. David Robertson

Anesthesiologist and Health Administrator. Currently an Exec. Medical Director for Island Health on Vancouver Island and Board Member, Dying With Dignity Canada.

Dr. David Robertson was born in the UK and completed his medical degree at Cambridge University. He then attended Dalhousie University and qualified as an anesthesiologist in 1987. Since then Dr. Robertson has worked in Nova Scotia for 20 years and is now practicing in Vancouver Island. In addition to anesthesia, he has worked as a Medical Examiner in Nova Scotia for about ten years, and has worked part time in medical administration for many years. He is currently an Executive Medical Director for Island Health.
Conservatives' Take on Assisted Dying Plays Politics With Peoples' Sebastien Bergeron via Getty Images

Conservatives' Take on Assisted Dying Plays Politics With Peoples' Lives

This summer, the Conservative government quietly announced that it had struck a panel of experts to consult Canadians on their views on assisted dying -- nearly six months after the Supreme Court issued its historic ruling on assisted dying. No matter that 84 per cent of Canadians support physician assisted dying, or that the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled it is a patient right. The Conservative government has consistently opposed it.
09/02/2015 05:54 EDT
Dying and Vulnerable Canadians Deserve shutterstock

Dying and Vulnerable Canadians Deserve Better

Last week the government announced the membership of the panel that will conduct the public consultation on Physician Assisted Dying. One of the questions they will have to answer are the very real concerns around how to protect vulnerable populations. People are classed as vulnerable when they are in a position of weakness relative to some other group who can wield power over them.
07/24/2015 05:52 EDT