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Dr. Deidre Macdonald, ND

Naturopathic physician and medical educator.

Dr. Deidre Macdonald is a naturopathic physician from Courtenay, B.C. who lectures at medical conferences about the human microbiome. She graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1996 and has been licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in BC since that time.
7 Strategies For Successful Weight

7 Strategies For Successful Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight, but have trouble sticking to a plan? No matter what diet you are on, these strategies will help you get your head in the game and set you up to succeed. Taking charge of your eating habits is an essential step to taking charge of your health.
01/20/2016 12:08 EST
4 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Excess

4 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Excess Gas

While 12-year-old boys may revel in the sound of their own gas, those plagued by excess gas will find that it is nothing to laugh about. Excessive burping, bloating and flatulence bring distress and discomfort to more people than would like to admit it.
11/09/2015 04:38 EST