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Dr. Divi Chandna

Physician, Author

Dr. Divi has been practicing family medicine for 20 years. She is a leading expert in mind-body-spirit medicine. She is an author, international speaker and teacher currently based in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.
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10 Steps to Living a Life of Greater Ease and Health

With spring in the air and summer right around the corner, comes a renewed zest for life! After interviewing a number of my clients and doing some soul searching myself, I have compiled a list of 10 steps that you can start today to create greater ease in your life -- and by extension, greater health.
05/05/2015 05:31 EDT

As the Sugary Holidays Approach, 5 Ways to Curb Crashing

Given that this new season is right at our door steps, what steps can we take to curb these potential mood shifts and the seasonal crashes? Our diet has a huge impact on our moods, our energy level, our weight and more. Here is a list of five steps you can take to curb the sugar ups and downs and help with the seasonal mood shifts as well.
10/07/2014 08:39 EDT
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I'm Supposed To Be A Compassionate Doctor, But I Dreaded Seeing Some Patients

You may assume that communication between physicians and patients is relatively easy -- which in many ways it is. But no amount of preparation of this connection could have prepared me for the work involved. In primary care, we have a term called "the heart sink patient." This is the patient that dumbfounds you. Nothing you do seems to help them. When you look at your schedule and you see their name on your list, your heart sinks.
08/28/2014 04:11 EDT
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Canada's Free Health Care Costs Us Good Health

As consumers of an amazing medical system, I see the benefits of what we have to offer. At the same time I do see the shortfalls. I often wonder if we had a system which emphasized prevention, nutrition, meditation, breathing, routine exercise, living life from a heart based existence and more -- would we have such an expensive health care system?
04/29/2014 06:07 EDT
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Mindfulness Can Give You a Real Buzz

Mindfulness is the buzz word of the day. You hear mindful eating, mindfulness based stress reduction, mindfulness in meditation, mindful walking and more. Why is this mindfulness such a buzz? Over time, you start to realize you can actually choose your thoughts and thereby choose emotions.
03/03/2014 12:17 EST
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Your Health Care Shouldn't Be All About Drugs

As a practicing family doctor, I have always been fascinated with health and healing. Over my 20-year career, I have marvelled at the resiliency of the human body. Most of us are taught that our bodies are basically stuck with a disease and there is little hope. My questioning mind and search for more has taken me down a slightly different path.
02/03/2014 12:56 EST

How to Survive New Years After the Holidays

Ten Ways to Survive Your New Year Post Holiday Many people equate the new year with a brand new time. The holidays can be a stressful, busy and exciting time, but leave the new year with a lull in ou...
01/06/2014 02:07 EST

Three Tips for Moms to Balance Work and Family

Many women work full-time, juggle PTA meetings and still aim to put a nutritious meal on the dinner table. As a result, it is no surprise that many women are feeling the effects of being pulled in different directions. Here are some simple tips to help us deal with the incessant daily juggle.
11/22/2013 12:19 EST

How to Recognize Stress Before It's Too Late

We all know that stress is often called the "silent killer." Given that this has been studied and documented, what steps can we take to prevent our own ride down that slippery slope? This article will give you three tell-tale signs that you are overloaded by stress, and would benefit from making changes. It is said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
11/04/2013 05:32 EST

How to Tell If You're an Emotional Eater

Most of us can relate to feeling sad or moody, and having a piece of chocolate as a pick-me-up. Many of us do this because we may be blissfully distant or unaware of our emotions. Below, I will describe the difference between emotional eating and physiological eating. Here are some tell-tale signs that we are emotionally eating.
10/21/2013 12:29 EDT

Three Simple Ways to Leave Workday Stress Behind You

So many of us associate work with drudgery and stress. It does not have to be this way. Our work is our outlet for connection with other people and hopefully it is something that you enjoy doing. We all want to be productive and efficient in our workplaces, but sometimes lack of self care can actually cause ourselves more problems.
10/10/2013 08:27 EDT