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Dr. Erica Miller

Clinical Psychologist, Author

Dr. Erica Miller was born in Romania, and was just seven years old when Nazis forced her family into a holding camp in the Ukraine, where they would remain for four years. After being liberated, Miller’s family immigrated to Israel where Miller served in the Israeli air force. Determined to make an impact on the world, Miller went on to earn her PhD in clinical psychology in America, and founded a chain of clinics that have helped hundreds of patients heal. Today she is a veteran, CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and proud wife, mother, and grandmother – a true inspiration to everyone she meets.

Thanks for My Journey can be purchased through all major booksellers.
Thanks for My Journey: A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Living AP

Thanks for My Journey: A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Living Fearlessly

Being hunted like animals is an indelible memory for me. One day, the Germans came to our factory unannounced as part of their relentless search in pursuit of prey. I distinctly remember Papa and Mama hurrying us up to the attic of the factory. This happened often. My father finally declared, "I cannot tolerate this any longer. We will go voluntarily to the trains rather than hide and wait to be captured." He was either completely nuts or incredibly courageous.
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