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Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui

Physician and Freelance Writer

Dr. Faruqui grew up in Winnipeg in the halcyon days of the seventies and eighties. She has been a practicing physician for twenty five years but her interest in writing goes back to childhood. She lived in Montreal for seven years where all three of her children were born and for the past fourteen years has called Ottawa home.

Aside from medicine, she is a community activist on the board of the Ottawa Muslim Women's Organization and a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. She's a freelance writer and speaker whose interests range from women's and children's rights to current affairs and international politics.

She writes essays, opinion articles, book and film reviews and currently is doing a series of feature articles on mental health for a community newspaper called the Muslim Link.

She loves all forms of sport and together with her family enjoys hiking and skiing in the Gatineau Hills, skating, swimming, snorkeling and boating. Recently she's begun kickboxing several days a week.

A first generation immigrant from Pakistan, she straddles two cultures and three languages but her love for Canada and her strong faith are what keep her grounded.
Do Women Value Themselves CBC News

Do Women Value Themselves Enough?

Here in Canada, on the campuses of UBC and Saint Mary's University in Halifax, intelligent first-year students chanted a song glorifying the assault of underage girls as part of frosh week ceremonies. In both cases, student leaders responsible were both men and women -- making a woman like me wonder whether young women today value themselves at all.
09/13/2013 12:16 EDT
Technology is a Tiger: Powerful, but Shutterstock

Technology is a Tiger: Powerful, but Dangerous

I think it's time to tame the tiger. Not the tawny, majestic creature that stalks the Indian jungle. The tech tiger, the wizard, the miracle, conceived in-vitro by geeky young scientists and bred in captivity by dotcom wunderkinds. I like technology. But in our headlong rush to seize its potential, we've grown heedless of its dangers.
06/20/2013 08:53 EDT
When it Comes to 'Female Viagra' Lybrido, Don't Believe the Shutterstock

When it Comes to 'Female Viagra' Lybrido, Don't Believe the Hype

Women, take a deep breath. Sexual nirvana, the latest elixir in a bottle, has arrived. Enter Lybrido. The makers of Lybrido, ironically called Emotional Brain, are cynically cashing in on our insecurities as women. Lybrido might help but make no mistake -- another pill to pop does not replace the old-fashioned virtues of respect, love and affection, all of which were contained in the erstwhile activity called courtship.
06/19/2013 05:45 EDT