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Dr. Imogen Coe

Dean, Faculty of Science at Ryerson University

Dr. Imogen Coe is Dean of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University and an award-winning scientist who believes that science should be fun and accessible to all. She is an accomplished researcher who is internationally recognized for her research on the cell biology and biochemistry of drug transport proteins. Dr. Coe has presented her research at conferences and seminars across the globe and has nearly 70 scholarly papers, book chapters and abstracts to her credit. She actively supports and promotes girls and women in science and is passionate about advancing women’s representation and leadership in STEM. Follow her on Twitter @RySciDean.
Teaching Scientists To Be omgimages via Getty Images

Teaching Scientists To Be Storytellers

Most entrepreneurs I meet present themselves as confident, resilient and savvy people who are quick on their feet and always ready to pitch their company to potential clients or investors. Science students could truly benefit from this kind of training to communicate the value and excitement of their science. Storytelling is especially important in science because, as someone once said to me, science is not complete until it is communicated.
02/16/2016 03:46 EST
4 Ways to Help Everyone Find Their Inner JW LTD via Getty Images

4 Ways to Help Everyone Find Their Inner Scientist

Everyone has a budding inner scientist with natural curiosity about the world. Science offers a way to find answers to the questions we had as kids and may still have as adults. Helping kids nurture their inner scientist and encouraging them to develop the skills needed to investigate and understand the world around them will help them become scientifically literate adults.
08/09/2015 09:58 EDT
Social Media Is Catalyzing Change for Women in Imogen Coe

Social Media Is Catalyzing Change for Women in Science

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about positive change for women in science. Two recent events involving senior, highly-regarded scientists demonstrate the growing importance of social media as a catalyst for change in science. It is time for the media to pay more attention to those scientists, who happen to be women, and who are woefully under and mis-represented in all media. Women in science all around the world have found a common voice that has never existed before, on this scale or in this form.
06/26/2015 12:49 EDT
How Gender Stereotyping Impacts Women in Let Toys Be Toys

How Gender Stereotyping Impacts Women in STEM

Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The underlying reasons for this gender imbalance are complex but research suggests gender stereotyping from the earliest age impacts the enrollment of women in STEM.
05/24/2015 10:55 EDT