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Dr. Jamie Gruman

Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Dr. Jamie Gruman is an associate professor of organizational behaviour at University of Guelph. He is an expert in “people issues” in organizations, with particular expertise in organizational on-boarding and workplace well-being. He is also a founding member, and serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. Dr. Gruman will be speaking about positive psychology at the GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Summit in Toronto on November 27. To learn more, visit
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The Secrets of Happy People

Most of the time I ate chocolate bars without much thought. In fact, I'd often half-consciously find a wrapper in my hand without any real memory of eating a chocolaty treat. The ease with which I could afford chocolate bars had caused me to appreciate and savour them less. I came to think of this phenomenon as the cost of convenience -- a failure to appreciate things.
11/20/2013 05:21 EST