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Dr. Joel Bordman

Medical Director, Complex Pain Program at First Step Medical Clinics and Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Program at Austin Rehab Clinics

Dr. Bordman is a physician with a focused practice in addiction and pain. He is a Certificant of the International Society of Addiction Medicine and a Diplomate of the American and Canadian Academies of Pain Management. He is the Medical Director of the Complex Pain Program of the First Step Medical Clinics and the Sunrise Addiction clinics, and he acts as a mentor to other doctors in the field of pain and addiction.

Dr. Bordman’s main interest is in treating opioid addiction and assessing chronic pain treatment in the complex patient.

Health Canada, Stop Rewarding Companies for Worsening the Opioid Addiction Problem

We support generic pharmaceutical products in this country, but in the case of oxycodone generic, and now a generic treatment for opioid addiction by a company who is one of the biggest producers and marketers of prescription pain killers in the country, we can't help but think that patients and physicians are getting played by their governments, and at a huge human cost.
10/21/2013 12:28 EDT