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Dr. Kate Shannon

Associate Professor, UBC; Director, Gender and Sexual Health Initiative, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Dr. Shannon is a Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Director of the Gender and Sexual Health Initiative at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and a Canada Research Chair in Global Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS. Her research aims to inform policy and practice that reduce health and social inequities among marginalized populations globally.
Sex Workers Rights Are Human

Sex Workers Rights Are Human Rights

Following over two years of consultations with sex workers and human rights experts in member countries globally, a leading human rights organization, Amnesty International, put forward a draft policy in support of decriminalization of sex work as critical to ensuring the human rights of all citizens. The policy recognizes decriminalization as a key measure for protecting the human rights of sex workers globally and will be discussed and voted on at the International Council Meeting to be held later this week in Dublin, Ireland.
08/06/2015 05:23 EDT