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Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

Dr. Laurie Steelmith is a licensed naturopathic physician and acupuncturist with a 20-year private practice in Honolulu. A leading spokesperson on natural medicine, she has appeared widely on TV, radio, and in print. She and her husband, Alex Steelsmith, are coauthors of <em>Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine</em> (Hay House, July 2012). Learn more at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Nine Simple, Natural Ways to Get Out of Libido

Nine Simple, Natural Ways to Get Out of Libido Limbo

Many women confide in me that they have negative or anxious feelings, at the deepest level, about their sexuality. The number one question I get is, "Why do I have so little desire?" If you're in libido limbo, take heart. There are many ways to regain the sexual excitement and desire of youth -- no matter how old you are. Try these nine simple strategies.
09/06/2012 07:54 EDT
Getting Your Sex Life Back in Gear After

Getting Your Sex Life Back in Gear After 50

Sex over 50 can be tricky for some, due to lagging libido. Trust, communication, and getting out of comfort zones are important factors for restoring libido. But Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an approach that has addressed these issues for centuries. There are certain TCM protocols that any couple can follow to help get physical forms of affection back on the schedule. Here are three problems and solutions for a healthy love life makeover.
08/28/2012 07:58 EDT