Dr Michael Schwandt

Public health physician, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan.

Michael Schwandt is a public health physician in Saskatoon. He is a board member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare and Upstream: Institute for a Healthy Society. Follow him on Twitter: @michaelschwandt.
Saskatoon's Housing Crisis Is a Health

Saskatoon's Housing Crisis Is a Health Emergency

Despite a strong economy, Saskatchewan has a deficit in access to safe and affordable housing. The Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership performed a "point-in-time" count of people without a home on a given night and found 405 people. The number from these counts has steadily increased. What's especially disturbing is that 45 of the homeless individuals in this year's count were children. Across Canada, an estimated 235,000 people will experience homelessness in the course of a year, with 35,000 homeless on any given night. Beyond those who are homeless, many Canadians struggle to maintain the housing they have.
10/02/2015 08:34 EDT