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Dr. Peter Ferentzy

Author of Dealing with Addiction - Why The 20th Century Was Wrong

Peter Ferentzy, Ph.D. and author of Dealing with Addiction – Why The 20th Century Was Wrong, is an addiction expert and a crackhead out to take on the system.

Toronto's Future: Safe Injection Sites Are a Win-Win

There has been much talk recently about the possibility of a safe injection clinic in Toronto. So our mayor -- surprise, surprise -- is against it. The provincial Liberals -- surprise, surprise -- have been ducking the issue. Since the feds are not on board, the Liberals have an excuse to sidestep rather than do the right thing and speak up (which would jeopardize their share of the redneck vote). Hey, Liberals will be Liberals. History will vindicate these efforts. History will condemn those who oppose these efforts. And, for the purpose of this article: history will not be kind to those who lag, stay on the fence, and do nothing. Toronto cannot afford to make that mistake.
09/20/2013 12:31 EDT

Vancouver's Insite: Not Just Addicts Who Benefit

Just as a city with less homophobia is more attractive to businesses, the same will soon apply to any urban centre that deals intelligently with drug addiction. The people at Vancouver's safe injection site are helping Vancouver's future as a business centre, an intellectual mecca, and a better place to live.
03/02/2012 08:58 EST
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The Future of Occupy: Love, Respect -- and Name-Calling

If you take the many media portrayals of the Occupy camps at face value, you might believe that they are (were) filthy dens of iniquity: disorganized, dangerous, unruly, smelly. While not an overnighter, I became a regular. Whenever I left Occupy, I was a nicer guy than when I had arrived.
01/13/2012 11:21 EST